Favorite Things Friday

are my flowers.  Right now there is a dearth of flowers in my garden, but there is statis. I love this plant.  It gives beautiful deep purple flowers with white centers.  They stay looking good for a long time and then you can cut them and use them as dried flowers inside.

I'm looking forward to more flowers.  Pretty soon my yellow Lady Banks will be showing color like here last year - this was just the start of the season:

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Shay said…
Your roses are gorgeous ! Maybe I could grow statis - I hear it's very hardy.

I imagine your entire garden is very beautiful.

I love looking at flowers. They just lift your spirit instantly. nature sure knows how to turn on a show!
Suzanne said…
Beautiful pictures of your flowers! Maybe that will help sustain me until spring. We grew Lady Banks roses in Nevada (desert), but the flowers were not nearly so large.
Cindy said…
Beautiful flowers! I love gardening and am so looking forward to spring time here to get started. Thanks for the inspiration!
Love your yellow roses. Wow!
Denise :) said…
Oh my, the yellow Lady Banks are *gorgeous*!! :)