New Definition for One

is Done.  I finally finished my first Jubilee Album block called Cherry Tree.  This is a Fons & Porter series quilt block from 2003.  They featured the quilt in the issues of that year.  This is the latest long term WIP I have started and hope to feature it in my WIP Wednesday posts just to keep me on track (in other words: keep working on it).  This block is hand appliqued using the back basting method I learned following Kay MacKensie's tutorial.  I'm going to try several methods in this quilt to learn more about applique.  The next one will be machine appliqued with back basting.

What are you working on?  To see more WIPs, go over to my left sidebar and click on Esther's WIPs on Wednesday button.  Enjoy!


Very Nice! Did you needle turn it? My eyes are getting bad, figured it was easier to ask.....grin.....then again my mind is bad too, so I might have already ask you this question before.
Esther said…
Wow this looks so pretty, I love the niave feel of this block! The handwork is superb. There's nothing nicer than hand turn applique.

If you are trying out applique methods, don't forget how user friendly freezer paper applique is, and it looks great too. I have a tutorial on my blog (sidebar)if you are trying it out for the first time.

Happy Applique!