Applique Thursday 11/17/11

Had a few minutes for my Jubilee Album block.  So here it is with the background cut and the pattern traced on the back of it:
My window is my light table.  I tape the design paper on the window and then center the background block over it and trace it in pencil on the back.  Here's a closeup - don't know why it came out gray - this is muslim:
 Now begins the back stitching - my hand project for the week.
What are you working on?  Would love to see you applique/piecing eye candy! Please submit a link to your blog post/or photo link by clicking on the blue botton below. I'd love to see your applique past, in process, future or just on your wish list.


Sue Daurio said…
I got the email so I remembered to post!! Congrats on your big win. Your flowers look like they are going to be beautiful.
Jennifer Woo said…
Congrats on the win!! I can't wait to see your block finished.
Just got back in town. Lovely appliques! I'll hopefully have something next Thursday. It will take a while to play caught up.
LynCC said…
Hey! Good to see you at BOMs Away - I put your button on my sidebar, as I'm getting into applique. I've been using back-basting on my Baby Janes, and I just started working on "My Tweets," but I haven't snapped a shot of that yet. I'll have to do that this weekend and link up a post :)