Favorite Things Friday 10/14/11

Flowers are one of my favorite things. They are such a point of grace and peacefullness.  They center me.  Now is not the season for profuse displays of flowers as in Spring.  But I find spots of color in the yard that bring a moment of calm never the less.  From bougainvillea, allysum, kalenchoe, to rose - all in the fall display.

Now this one gave me pause and a flash of awe.  Is that not a strange flower?  I love my husband's collection for all the blooms cacti and succulents display.  This one is a succulent Ceropegia.  Looks like it would be right at home on the planet Pandora, but actually can be found in the Canary Islands, Africa, Madagascar, Arabia, India, Ceylon, China, Indonesia, Phillipines,
New Guinea and Queensland, Australia.
God's world is wonderous!


Beautiful pictures..I am a flower lover too!
Denise :) said…
Whoa -- that last picture is fabulous -- and fascinating! :)
Love Of Quilts said…
That last picture is a very different flower then what I'm use to. Trish
Love all the photos!....thanks.
Thank you for the tour of those beautiful blooms in your garden. It is true the earth really does smile in flowers.
Shay said…
Geraniums! (Im showing off because I actually knew what one of those flowers was!)

I love flowers in gardens but unfortunately I have a black thumb so we don't have all that many. That means I get to appreciate your favourite thing and beautiful pictures all the more.

Thanks for the tour of your fall garden. It's gorgeous!
judith said…
Very unusual cacti, but beautiful. Thank you for the view. Judith
Terri said…
I love odd plants, and that Ceropegia is unusual to me. Here in CA we can't get alot of things... ag dept. is so afraid we'll import a new pest bug. Thanks for sharing the picture. I enjoyed seeing it.