Fabric Tuesday 10/11/11

My fabric story this week is on the crumb along blocks I'm making along with all the others at Jo's crumb along.  You can see her progress by going to her website .  I thought I would be emptying those crumb drawers lickety split.  Not so - seems I make more crumbs as I go.  I've got to learn to let go!!  Also the smaller the crumbs I use the thicker the intersections become.  This quilt is going to definitely be done by machine.  Here are my latest 9 blocks I made since last tuesday.  This week we were suppose to make blocks with trianges.  Ithink I managed to put at least one triangle in seach of these.

How have you been playing with fabric?  Go on over to Fabric Tuesday by Quilt Story on my left sidebar and be ready to be inspired.


  1. Is it really Tuesday????????? :((

    I feel like I lost a day.....:)))

  2. WOW! Great way to use up scars. I do see a few triangles so it does count.

  3. Just popping by to see your crumb-along progress. And I see my trip wasn't in vain. Wow. Nice blocks. I will be crumbing tomorrow and try to catch up.

  4. Love all the greens you've got going here. Hmmm that reminds me of a wonky string rose block I remember seeing -- gotta go find those directions. Could also be done with crumbs.

    I too thought the crumb pile would diminish but not so far. But hey it's early and we've got weeks of crumbling still to do!

  5. They are looking great. I hope you keep crumbing along. I too think it's crazy that crumbs just seem to multiply.


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