Crumb Along #5

Been gone most of last two days, so no crumbs done so far except for two.  The first one, the "W" took me almost an hour - too long for a crumb block.  So I'm looking into a way to make them easier.  I've gotten some useful suggestions and I will try them, but here is where I've come up with a way that will incorporate applique (machine that is) with the crumb piecies - and that's my near completed "a" block.  I'll see how that goes.

How are your crumbs coming along.  I hope to make some with triangles after dinner to start to play catch up.  You can see how other's are doing by clicking on the crumb along button on the top of my left sidebar.



  1. Well...I had to laugh when you said an hour was too long for a crumb block. I thought an hour was pretty good. I am working on a special block and well, after WAY over an hour today, I got frustrated and just shut the door to the sewing room. It is a MUST for this quilt and I hope in the morning with fresh eyes and a rested brain, I can get it right. It HAS to be right!

    Your letters look great! Love the white or light colors with the prints. Very pretty!!

  2. That spells wa wa wa.....

    Block looks great... wa wa wa. Now I'm irritating myself.

  3. I think your letters are cool, but if they take an hour per square, I don't think I'll be doing any.

  4. Great idea to hide a letter in the crumb block...looks very hard!

  5. Once you get the hang of letters, they get faster and faster. One evening I did 12 letters. There is a learning curve to it. You can always do easy letters like T and I as blocks and the others as applique. For some reason I got REALLY stuck on v, m, n and w. I think it's the angle thing.


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