Fabric Tuesday 9/13/11

Here is my funky owl.  Really - I know he looks like an alien who ran into an owl and tried to imitate it to blend in, then got caught in a flashing light one night and looks dazed - but hey, I followed the pattern of this shop hop block - LOL.  Those ears were the hardest - you had to take a one inch square of fabric and fold it three times on the diagonal -phew!  The directions were clear but I sure could have used a center point or a full size block pattern to place the owl where it belonged.  Took me two 15-minute sessions to raw edge applique it.  At least it was piecing and applique!

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  1. To cute! Now I know what feet you were sewing on. Sounds like you did it fast to me. On the centers of my flowers, I just kept my foot off the presser foot and rolled the wheel by hand.

    Great job.

  2. What a great owl! You did a really nice job!

  3. Cute Owl! He has lots of personality. I think he needs his wings sticking out a bit, but maybe he's got them folded behind his back.

  4. LOVE that owl. Looks like you had a fun sewing week!

  5. Love the owl! I think he's cute! Didn't think alien at all under you said it... lol! :) Thanks for sharing! I just found you and am now your newest follower! Have a Great Day! :)


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