Applique Thursday 9/29/11

What with still going to Duarte 2 days a week, stomach flu and a achy hip, and various other time takers, haven't gotten too far on my owl, but here he is to demonstrate how I lay the pieces in the guide outline to get the placement right.

I find I have to plan the order these are cut out and placed down because I have to add a little fabric where one will lay on top of another.  For instance the right most wing needs some background for the body to be sewn onto, so I cut it out larger than its dimension on the left side.  The left wing is on the top of the owl body, so I will have to cut the body larger on the left side so that there will be some background on which to sew the wing.  Does that make sense?

My soul needs applique to calm it down during this hectic week.  Please share a link to your lovelies past, present or future.


  1. Love your blog. Will you build this owl completely before you applique it to a background piece? What are the advantages to doing it that way? I am new to applique and want to learn more.

  2. I sure like those fabrics you're using -- I think I might have some in my stash -- do they have cats on them?

  3. Your owl is going to be so beautiful! I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for providing the linky once again!


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