WIP Wednesday 8/17/11

Here is the state of my cutting table on a block I am working on. 

The idea is to see what I can do with a stack of 10" squares.  I don't know where I'm going with this, if anywhere, just playing.

Off for a Ladies Day Out in a little while.  We're going to Yorba Regional Park (about 30 miles away) and take a walk, then on to the Irvine Museum of Art for a California Plein Aire Exhibit, and then a Thai restaurant for lunch.

Here's what I usually say when I head out on the road:
              St Michael, defend us in traffic.
              St Raphael, travel with us as we go.
              St  Uriel, light our way.
              St Gabriel, tells us what we need to know.

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  1. HI, like those blocks, i would put a thin sashing around them though. Thats just me, and i thought that a messy cutting table was part of the job of the table-lol

  2. Yeah for plaing with fabric :)

  3. Your improvisational block is really neat! Sometimes it's nice to just play around and not have a plan. Hope your Ladies Day Out is fun. :)

  4. I was sitting here thinking that I ought to try some design on my own...........maybe in 2030....giggle.


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