Design Wall Monday 8/29/11

This actually was on my design wall - it was a mug rug my DGS, William, had started for his mom.  I was working on finishing a ufo and he wanted to do something in the sewing room, so I had him pick out fabric batting, and a back.  He then sandwiched them and sat down and drew some of his components for this rug.

Then we got busy and set it aside til this sunday when we decided to finish it off because it was 106 outside and I wouldn't let him go play Indiana Jones out there. He actually went outside for about 30 seconds and came right in and said' " you're right, Wela, it's too hot out there." Taking his drawing, he sat down with a basket of scraps and came up with pieces for it.  Then took awhile to position them - then I executed his design with the needle by zig-zagging around the pieces. While I did that, he rummaged some more in the basket and found what he wanted for the binding.   He wrote his message  and I straight stitched over the letters.   And here is the proud designer holding his latest:
He wants Mom to take it to work to be her mug rug on her work desk.

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Connie said…
What a great mug rug! He did a wonderful job picking out the fabrics and designing it. I did this with my grandson a couple months ago and it was fun.
I think you have a budding textile artist there! What a sweet gift for his mom and thanks for sharing the story.
Bonni said…
It looks great! Glad that he is getting active in something which means so much to you.
Nin-Carol said…
I love sewing with grandchildren! He is so proud of himself.

Also like his special name for you. That's where the "Nin" comes from in my name. :)
arthamay8 said…
William did a remarkable job on his mug rug -- his Mom will treasure it forever!
Vicki said…
This is great, these are skills that will come in to use over and over again someday!!
Gari said…
Looks like you have a budding quilter there. And a great quilt designer, too.