Appliqué Thursday - 8/4/11

Hello!  It's another Applique Thursday - a place and time to share our applique efforts and urge us on to do some or complete a project.  Don't you just love the look a little bit of applique gives a pieced top?  I do and hope you do also.  And today I have a photo of my coverlet to show you.  This was my ufo, but now it is my WIP as I want to get it moving along.  I finished the bottom row and put centers on the top row's flowers.

What is a coverlet?  It is a two piece cover unlike a quilt which has three.  We have many a night when it's too hot to have any thing more than a sheet for a cover, hence I am making a coverlet for our bed.  I may have it done before our warm season is over.  What you see so far is the center of it.  I'm sorta doing my own round robin -hehe.  I have two sides done with appliqué.  I want to emphasize the rectangle shape somewhat, and looking at it now, I'm wondering if I should just leave this as is to continue that emphasis.  What do you think?  Should I do the other two sides or just quilt  a vine with flowers in thread and go on to the next row?  I'd really like to know what you think.

And I'd love to see your applique.  Please consider linking so we can all see your "A" work.


  1. That is really awesome! It is amongst the top 10 things I have liked that you did. My mom is 92 this year and in a nursing home and always says things are too heavy. When they make things they do coverlets so its not as heavy for them.

    The nursing home has a craft director and there are residents there who help make the coverlets. It is a nice place to visit because they also hang quilts on the walls (and change them up periodically) so it is bright and helps make it a little bit like home.

  2. Oh, I DO love this. Something about piecing plus applique with scraps - gives me JOY! I'm afraid I cant take part today. My Thursday is already spoken for. I imagine by next Thursday, I will again be 3 months behind on my Bunny Hill blocks.

  3. I just posted one of my baltimore album blocks that I did. If you go to my blog page you can see the other ones. They aren't perfect but each block gets a little easier. Scary thought that.

  4. It's just lovely Angie. Nothing from me today except thinking about applique...does that count?? Maybe later.

    Wow I see Bonni's link on your page and will have to check that out.

  5. I guess I can count the two DJ blocks I prepped for reverse applique this morning...even tho I probably not work on them til next week.
    Love your center angie...

  6. I added my link even though it was from back in June. I hope to get back to Baltimore Basics in the very near future.
    Love your coverlet! The applique is perfect in the borders :)


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