Curvy Block Grows Again

Thank you all for your suggestions.  I pulled all my purples, greens, burgundy, and rose/berry and tried to make them work, but they just didn't do it for me. Of the greens, it had to be the green of the leaves in the floral print - a sort of bland avocado green and I just don't have any big enough to use as the border.  Then of the purples, they weren't of the right hue, same with the burgundy and rose/berry - ugghh.  Color can be so troublesome.  Then I found a batik that didn't minimalize the block.  It had some orange, brownish tones, even some muted green and in the end that's what I chose. So here is Curvy Contained (my name for it) - no longer a potential orphan block.  Now to quilt it.


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