Freedom's Wings is finished.

I took all the great possible names and tossed them in a box.  And pulled out Freedom's Wings.  Thank you, Bonni - I picked your title from the hat and that's what I'm going to call it.  I think it turned out nice.  All the fabric except for the focus fabric came from my stash - didn't even know I had that many stars - LOL.  The bald eagles were bought at our thrifty corner at our guild meeting.  What do you think?

Done ahead of time.  We're suppose to turn these in at our June meeting.  I have TMPB phobia so I came up with this design rather the mystery assigned to this challenge.  Can you guess what TMPB stands for?  Another fat quarter awaits the correct guesser.

The quilt tops will be divied out to our group of long armers and then returned to us for binding.  Came out 50" by 65" .


  1. It turned out great! Well done.

  2. A wonderful finish and I love the name you chose!

  3. TMPD??

    too many possible _____?

    I have no idea

    I think it is SUPER DUPER and if you have any negative comments from them-send "them" to ME


  4. It looks grand! I'm guessing TMPB stands for too many pieced Borders! Jennifer C

  5. Wow - you sure are a prolific quilter. I am not into patriotic quilts but the pattern on this one is GREAT!

    ~Your daughter!

  6. It must mean Time Management PhoBia--that's what I have. Your quilt turned out beautifully. Congratulations!

  7. Too Many Pieces in a Block? The quilt is great!

  8. Beth - you got it! Too many pieces in a block is my phobia. Saw one with over 70 pieces and it wasn't even paper piecing - LOL.

  9. Good morning! So fun to have guessed it right...I never gave it a name but I guess I suffer from TMPB, too! I tried to email you but it bounced both times. Email me at and I'll reply with the address. Thanks!


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