Basil from Amanda

My son's fiance bought a basil plant while she was here the last week of April for a delicious pesto she made for us to use in a pasta salad.  I inherited it when Amanda left, and boy, what a difference using fresh basil makes.  I've used it to garnish tomatoes, in spaghetti sauce, added to oven fried eggplant (recipe under recipe tab), and in making ratatouille.  Yummy!  My husband up-potted the plant and it now is flourishing on my patio.  I can run out and get leaves whenever I want.  It is going to bloom soon, so I may take all the leaves off and dry them for later use.  I want it to seed so I can grow some more plants.  Thinking seriously of starting a herb garden in a large pot to use when I cook.


  1. Sage and rosemary are two other nice ones in a small herb garden. It is so much fun to bop into the yard to snip some fresh herbs for cooking.


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