First Communion Saturday

Will made his First Communion May 7th.  He was so excited to do this.  He's been working 3 years to get to this point.  And it was a great day.  There were 55 children receiving the sacrament.  And four other masses with the same number of children.  It's a large parish.

The children made a banner at their retreat.  Yes, a retreat.  I don't remember doing that, but they enjoyed it - videos, prayers, songs, making banners - they had a nice 6 hour get together.

Next is the family waiting to watch the big event. With so many children, of course the church was packed.

The big event has begun.  The boys came first and they whizzed by looking like ghosts down the aisle.  William wore a blue shirt and yellow tie.

The girls came next of course much more sedate.  They all looked so nice in their finery.
It was over before we knew it.  Pictures are not allowed during Mass so here's Will afterwards when Father asked them all up to the altar.
And then we could take photos!
Here's Megan and William.  Megan is a long time friend.  Her mother is Em's best friend from high school.  They have grown up together.  Then Christie, Megan's mom, had us over for a reception/lunch afterwards.  A very pleasant day. 


  1. It was a beautiful Day and so Special for the kids to share it together!


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