What I Did Wednesday

Wednesdays are my busy days.  Up at 5:30am and out the door by 6:15am to Mass.  Then on to my daughter's house 12 miles away to take DGS William to school by 7:35.  Then back to Ems to spend the day with her helping with the baby and such.  In between caring for Alan, washing dishes, doing laundry, sorting clothes, etc, Em wanted to make a Hand Piecing Sewing Kit to take with her back to work at the end of the month.  As a Dear Janiac, she found one at Jeanna Kimball's site.  You can see it here , a great post and tutorial.   Well, here is mine: 
I decided to make it simpler. My pocket doesn't have a zipper.  I made it using a 1/2 yd of material made into a place mat as base to get larger blocks in .  And instead of sewing ribbon onto it, I decided to use a wide piece of selvage.  Here is the inside:
there are three layers of batting and 3 layers of polyester that the cotton pieces won't stick to.

The blocks are laid out on the batting.

Then the batiste, polyester, nylon sheet goes over that to keep the pices from sticking to opposite batting.

Then just add supplies to the pocket (small scissors, needles, thread, pins), fold and roll and tie and I'm ready to take this with me whereever I have to wait or have time to kill.  I'm going to use it for applique blocks.
How about that!  Of course my daughter's is way nicer - she used the zipper.  Hers will be for hand pieces - did I say she love Deaer Jane?  Now go check out Jeanna's tut.