Borders are being added on Fabric Tuesday

My quilt-along quilt is growing.  Three sides of border nearly done.  Measure in center of quilt to cut the borders.  This is the first time I used this low loft Fairfield batting and it has scrunched up the quilt more than with warm and natural upon quilting, so I have to ease in a bit on this third border.  I'll just stretch the quilt a tad to match them.  Gonna be pretty pink - love it. I use to say I didn't like pink, but since it's a different shade of red (at least to me it is) that what's not to like!

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Mommarock said…
I love pink! and you know what..those other colors added in make it just warm and cozy instead of cool and girly.. I really LOVE IT!
QuiltSwissy said…
Oh yes! I see your pink!!


Quiltstory said…
Cute cute cute! Looking so great! Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)