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Hi, sorry, sick with a cold and my post on the quil-along will have to wait.  That comes of having such an intense thursday.  I've started a sewing circle at our church - St. Ann's Sewdality.  Our first meeting was yesterday and 7 lovely ladies showed up with enthusiasm and plenty of ideas.  We pray and make quilts, blankets or afghans for those in need in the community or our parish.  And our first quilt is going to a parishoner who is undergoing surgery.  Our patroness is St. Ann, the mother of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  She is the patroness of Christian families and among other things, seamstresses.  Note: we ask for intercessions (just as a child would ask its mother for help in getting dad to agree to something) not worship a saint since Catholics believe the saints in heaven will help us.
    They were enthusiastic about tying quilts and getting them done fast and of the 8 of us - only 2 do not have sewing machines. We range in ages from 20 somethings to 80 somethings. One will hand piece and the other will assemble kits from squares and strips cut by others.  Our second quilt is one I am donating.  I found this quilt at a yard sale.  Here it is:

I bought it at the yard sale for $2.00 and it looks like brand new.  I know some mom and baby are going to love it.  Okay exhausted my energy - off for some tea and then a nap.


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling your best.. hope you are feeling 100% soon.

  2. We have a quilt group at our church and we make the tops at home and then we bring them to church to back and tie. Someone takes them home and sews the backing to the front after it is tied. We use sheets to do the backing. It is so easy to lay the quilt out on the big tables we have at church and the room to tie it. We love help to tie it so any one that can tie a knot is welcome to join us. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. That's sort of what we are going to do, too.

  4. Speedy recovery to you! What a bargain, I'm sure you'll find somebody to love it!


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