Ready for Step #2 of our Quilt-Along?

Ready for Step 2?  You'll find that below.  And for those of you who want to make a smaller quilt, I've added some additional info at the tab "Quilt-Along. 

Step 2:

Here is a photo of my choices:

Once I have my layout, I take masking tape and mark each square with a row and number. This way I keep them in order when I go to sew them.
Here's a sample of row 4: 
Yes I moved one block after the first picture! Photos do that to me - they make me see the value of color.

Then I pin one row together so that I can work on one row at a time.

Now you can go sew your blocks into vertical rows. But don't sew the rows together into a top. Here's where this method starts to differ from the conventional quilt process. More on Monday.

I'd love to see your choices.


  1. Ok now I'm lost! Can't wait for Monday! LOL

  2. Me gustaria suscribirme a este proyecto.


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