Design Wall Monday 2/21/11

They've asked me to make a siggie quilt for a professor.  Here is the first block I've made.  I haven't sewn the units together because I may make it more scrappy and will have to mix the 48 units.
They'll be signing on the white and tan strips.  Block is 12" square finished.  Quilt will come out to about 51" square.  I designed it with EQ4.

What's on your design wall?  Go over to the left sidebar and click on and see what Judy has on her wall plus all of the other players. 


  1. Nice start! I like the colors very much.

  2. Signature quilts are my all time favorites. I hope you get a picture after it's finished and signed.

    I can't seem to email you. I think I'm just going to give up finding a saved draft of that post. I still have the photos I posted, so I think I can reconstruct the tutorial. Probably won't be as long though. Basically, I took a Walmart bag apart and used it as a pattern. The only real change I made was making the side panels, but it could easily be done out of just one fabric and that would save having two side seams to reinforce.

    I'll see if I can rewrite it tomorrow. I've got a pinched nerve in my neck that has made it hard to do anything today.

  3. Great block for signatures. I'm like you, I like scrappy quilts. I wouldn't have sewn the block together either.


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