Here's some Eye Candy

This is my progress report for last thursday - zilch!  And that's was because I was SUPPOSE to be doing the end of year report for my volunteer group and my taxes, but actually I played hookey and went to Road to California - the largest quilt show in southern California.  It's this weekend, ends tomorrow and is in Ontario, California at their convention center. Here the Best of Art Quilts - I loved it!

Here is the Best of Show - it was spectacular also - I love these landscape quilts - so much I wonder why I haven't made one.  It could be that I'm terrified of the process.

Here's is the one we came to see.  My friend, Sandy, want to see her husband's best friend's daughter's entry to R2CA.  Another beautiful quilt.  I love her use of orange for the background
 This one Sandy I picked as the Viewer's Choice - I'm not sure you can see it but the table and vase seemed to come out of the picture in a three dimensional way.
This lady is a true artist!
And here are three I would love to make someday - all stunners as far as I'm concerned.  If you're in SO CA off to the quilt show with you.  And yes, I was good, I didn't buy a thing.
A beautiful Beth Ferrier patten quilt!

Do you see a pattern in these?


Mommarock said…
Oh gosh some very beautiful quilts.. I can't believe those first two weren't photographs.. Gosh what talent! Ah may zing!!
Dorothy said…
Stunning quilts! thank you for sharing your photos with us. I love the one with the vase of flowers on the dark blue background. The quilter's use of color and her design sense were fabulous.
Suzy said…
They are all breathtaking. Thank you for sharing them.
Beth Ferrier said…
Wow, that's a beautiful version of my Now & Forever quilt!

Beth Ferrier
ANudge said…
Precioso! La perfección!
Me encantaría ver "con las manos" :)

Gorgeous quilts. I love the rock formation.
Gladys said…
Muchas Gracias por compartir estas fotos! Son trabajos magníficos y merecen ser admirados! Saludos!
Floristic said…
Those quilts are so beautiful. I have always wanted to try and make a mural type of quilt.
judith said…
I took some of these same photos while I was able to stroll before the doors opened. The last one is a BQ. Yet I didn't see the Harbor one, missed it. Glad to have seen you there also.
simonepatch said…
Maravilhosossssss.Que cores.Que tecidos lindosss.Obrigada por compartilhar comigo.Beijosss