Quilt as you Go Festival Quilt

Good morning!  I've had several quilters ask how I quilted as I went my Bullseye Blossom quilt that I entered in the Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival. So I've decided to give a little info on that. 

I cut a center backing 2" bigger than the final piece would be and cut a piece of batting to fit it. I then sewed a row of flower squares with the flowers only pinned on top of each block. Then I positioned the row where it was suppose to go on the partial sandwich of batting and backing, and quilted each layer onto the block it rested on. Some of the leaves I had to leave loose because they overlapped onto another square. I did this for each row working from the middle out. That way I worked with roughly half of the quilt under the machine. Made it a lot easier to quilt. Then I sandwiched each border and attached them and quilted the bullseyes and the remaining loose leaves.

I've attached a photo of the back in case the above doesn't make sense - LOL.  Let me know if you have any further questions.


  1. Asi mero lo hice, Marissa. Cuando hago otro tomaré fotos para puedas ver y entender. Es el unico modo que puedo hacer colchas mas 48 pulgadas por un lado.

    La que viste is 60" por 72"

    Feliz navidad,


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