Post Thursday

Well not much quilting has been done lately - our 42nd anniversary had to be celebrated.  It was tuesday.  As we had two going out to dinner Christmas obligations, we decided not to go out that day, instead we went to a Cactus Society potluck on Wednesday.  We took our grandson as he usually spends his wednesday evenings with us. It was great!  Today my DH gave me these: 
and I baked him a carrot-pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting which I took to our thursday out of the house dinner at the Sons of Italy - a fraternal club that serves the best lasagna in the area.  Four other friends came with us.
    So maybe some quilting tomorrow!


Astrid said…
Happy 42nd Anniversary! :)
Happy 42nd! I love sweet simple celebrations like yours! I wish you many more happy anniversaries with your DH!