One step has been taken!

Well, all your advice has paid off - some progress has been made.  I've gone from:
The books are now in another  room on a different shelf unit, but still accessible to the sewing room.  Gosh I have over 200 books - I must do a weeding!  And I've just ordered 2 more - LOL!  Any way I decided to put the 15 UFOs I'll be working on for Judy's challenge on the shelf.  That way even if I haven't made  a lot of progress, I'll know I can just go around the corner of my sewing area and find the project I am suppose to be working on and not panic that I can't find it.  The added bonus is that I was able to unearth my grandparents' antique rocker, and I can now enjoy it while I do some hand sewing.  That is until I move it in April when I take on watching little Alan while Momma Em goes back to work.  Looking forward to that! 
And here's the rocker:                                      Big change from this:


  1. You could always do a nice little giveaway of books that you don't want once a month or something.. That would always be exciting for your followers.. (big cheezy grin)

  2. Way to go Angie, keep up the good work.

  3. Thank You for sharing...I am not alone with my stash and book collection. I have a dear hubby that gave me an option of a new frig or a storage building! I am so thankful! Yes, the frig can wait!

  4. Good progress. When you're finish come on over to my house. Angie, that rocker is gorgeous!


  5. I like Mommarocks idea! LOL
    I LOVE your rocker!

  6. I love the rocker too . And do you belong to a guild that has a library. Donations would be good for them. Or I donate books to the regular library,
    magazines as well. Magazines sometimes go to my doctor's office.

  7. Doesn't it feel good to be making visible progress - well done Angie!!!

    Sandy in South Australia

  8. gosh! glad to see I'm not the only one. My work room is in my living room. So I really need to get it picked up before company arrives!


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