Late again, but Some Progress was made

Well, I got into my quilting corner and actually finished a project.  It is a table runner for an upcoming exchange.  I just pulled out my scrap batting, zigzagged a piece big enough for this runner, found backing, and got my bag of scraps strips.  I then pulled out strips and quilted as I went to finish this table runner.  I can't say I'm a fan of this slap-sew method, but if I'd stopped to think about it and arrange the order, it wouldn't be done.  Next time, I'll go through the strips and take out anything that really doesn't go with the others and then do the blind picking- might come out more to my liking, but it's okay.  Measures about 16 1/2" by 32.  Actually, the hardest part was choosing fabric for the binding.  The back is an all over floral with a black background, and that's what made choosing a binding so hard.  I could have used black, but the black didn't look so hot with the front.  I would have used a solid green, however I've used it all up this year. Only 21 days before I can just go shopping for fabric. I started this thursday, so I'm counting it as thursday progress.


  1. It is very pretty Angie despite your reservations.

  2. Thanks, Nan - it's growing on me -LOL


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