Design Wall Monday 10/11

This is all that is left on my design wall.  I didn't meet my goal of 10/7, but it will go out today.  I'm tacking down the sleeve and then I'll pack it up for shipment.  Photos for sure before I mail it.  Life just got in the way last week and so it wasn't there on time, but sometimes late is nice too --extends the event. My goal is posting the quilt later today.  And here is the primary reason I didn't get to do this yesterday:
Now who could do anything but play with our princess?  Lily was over for the day and we had a great time.  She will be 6 months on saturday. Isn't she precious!


Judy Laquidara said…
Oh, yes! I would not have quilted either. She's a doll!
lulu said…
You did the right thing :>)
Diana said…
Babies are like dessert -
Play with them first.