Orphan Block Not!

I was working with the weathervane block seeing if I could change it to see if it looks more like a flower.  I put a light center square, a circle for the stamens and pistol.  And curved corner blocks on the 4 central blocks.  The green corners I tried to quilt in a leaf pattern.  What do you think?

Well, I think I like the regular pattern better, but it was worth trying - and since I didn't want to have an orphan block, I finished it into a little quiltlet.  I'm thinking if I wanted to make it into a morning glory block, the center would be white not gold and I could use a blue batik for the flower parts and the center square in a white blue batik.  I'll see as a real morning glory has a star with 5 points radiating from the center.

Well, enough - the computer is in the "hot" part of the house and I can't stand it any longer.  Since I had a spell of heat exhaustion in 02, I start to feel nauseous when it's over 100.  This part of the house has no ac, so back to the living room I go.

Stay cool!


ann said…
angie, its pretty, but i think i like the sharp
angles of the weathervain better...but if i did not know what the flower came from i think i would love it...its strange, preconceived notions really influence us all
Veronica said…
The quiltlet is beautiful, Angie. I love how you take the initiative to re-work a pattern.
franie said…
I like it. The green looks like leaves and the center a flower. Bingo.
Sherry Dawn said…
I like it, too. It does look like a flower and could be used with weather vane blocks to create a whole different look.