For all those who asked:

Here is one of my two blue doors. We had the house painted and I decided I wanted blue doors instead of the same oh - prettey bright huh? I'd do it again if given the opportunity, but I think I would pick a darker blue. Our front door is really into our breezeway/patio area. Some day I'd like to enclose it. When we didn't have the door I'd get UPS and FedEx opening the slider door right into my living room and I didn't like that. Does keep the critters out to from coming in from the street. The door came from our church school that was remodeling. It is a nice wide door, larger than a regular door.


  1. Love your blue door, mine is green, but subtle. At our old house we had an enclosed front porch, it was great!

  2. Oh, I'd like to see it. Can you post one to your blog?


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