Organizing Report #1

Okay, decided to attack the small top of a three drawer cabinet. It was pilled high with a file box, stabilizers, clippings, fabric and other stuff (the basket being one). Put away the fabric which included charm packs, put away clippings, stored the stabilizers, tossed some junk and found 2 ufos. Here's one of them - 16 crumb blocks with border now added and even bound.

The second ufo [really not mine] - I inherited it from my neightbor's stash. She passed away two years ago May. She had joined this bom at one of our LQS, and didn't complete it. Somehow it wound up on my shelf. 3 of them were still in the cut pieces. Ive put together the three, but for some reason they don't call to me, so I'm going to enter them in our orphan block swap at the next guild meeting. I'm going to keep two of them and make something out of them Maybe a lap quilt for my son, Frank's Dodge Charger since the color of it is black. We'll see.


Karen said…
Both are very nice!