QAIG Finale

I did finish this a while ago, but the Christmas prep and festivities kept me from posting sooner. I'm pleased with how it turned out. This is the next to the biggest one I have quilted this way. It came out to 60"x72". It got quilted in 3 sections and then I added the borders. I assembled the borders and did a minimal amount of quilting on them then attached them to the center. I then quilted the borders. I am next going to try a large one using a one piece backing instead of pieces. This one will have me piecing batting strips. But that will be further along in 2010. I must admit I found my set of chunky churn dash blocks (the ones I had kept when I made them to send to the swap mistress and then forgot about them. I added another row to the center of the quilt and made it wider that way. That is why you can see that one section of border is wider than the rest. Thanks for looking!


  1. Great job, Angie! Lucky grandson. Happy New Year!

  2. I love that pattern angie...thats why we had the swap! you did a beautiful job!

  3. Angie: I love your chunky churn dash. You did a great job. I know your DGS will love the quilt as well as he loves his Abuela.


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