For the Quiltlet Swap

My online group, Quilters on Review, on Yahoo is having a quiltlet swap. Here is my entry. I call it Reversable Crumb Block Quiltlet. We were to start with a 6 1/2" block and make a quiltlet with it - usually one block. I decided to reach into my scrap box and see what I pulled out. It happened to be a crumb block, so I went from there - found some more I had laying around and that made the top. I decided to use a piece of Christmas fabric I had on hand for the back , so the recipient could use this at the Holidays if they wanted to. LOL - it will sure wake them up!

I quilted part of it using reverse quilting and the other half with conventional quilting. Hope someone wants it. Ps: If you enlarge the photo, you can see the quilting.