Quilt as I go - Part II

Okay, I've ironed the backing section and smoothed out the batting. I place the backing with wrong side up and position the batting piece on it. Then I lay the sewn quilt blocks (3 rows by 7 blocks) on top and smooth all over. I pin the sides of the sandwich, turn it over and check the back to see that it is smooth and then pin the entire top.

Now I take the sandwich to my machine. I will use the same kind of thread in the bobbin as on top. I am using wonderfil Invisifil white and a 60/8 needle. I have the straight stitch plate and my darning foot ready for free motion quilting. You can see this segment is just the right size for the throat of my machine:

Since these are pieced blocks I'm going to do a medium meander across the rows. I just have to remember to slow down my movement on the curves and I'll have more even stitches. I get tense when I'm free-motioning and I have to remember to relax my shoulders and drop my arms to a more relaxed position. Helps, too, if I don't hunch over the machine and breathe - LOL. I'm going to quilt the middle row first. Here's a close up of the meander.
I'll finish quilting this section and make the other 3 row one. Then I'll be back with Part III of Quilt as I go.


  1. Oh I really like that. Do you baste with just pins? I like your machine quilting.How long have you been machine quilting anyway?

  2. Going on 2 years now Estee, and yes, I only baste with pins. And thank you, I have a long way to go, but it is so much better than when I first started. Making those small charity quilts really helped - and doing it a few minutes a day (just like most things, like learning to play the piano, or typing) helps to finally get the hang of it. I also watched machine quilters at the guild workshops for pointers.

  3. Thanks for Lesson II, but what happened to lesson I? Did I miss it somewhere? I keep thinking that I will try this method some day.

  4. LOL - Suzy, scroll down my older posts and you'll see it after the one titled Garden Spot.
    Think I posted it on Aug. 17th.

    It's so hot here, I'm melting....

  5. Glad you are posting this. I want to try this one day.

  6. I don't know what happened. It is staring me in the face and I can't get motivated to get back to it - isn't the project just the quilter - I'd rather be reading. Must be this change of weather.


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