Mini quilt

Here's a small quilt I've finished from one of our first BOM patterns in 05. My neighbor put the blocks together and I inherited it from her. I finished it. Going to use as a table topper somewhere. The name of the block was Hatchet - really easy to make. If you'd like the pattern, leave me a comment and I'll send it to you.


  1. That's cool Angie. You are always up to something~! I love how much you get completed.

  2. LOL - that's because I let the housework go and my DH is great about doing the grocery shopping - he loves to use coupons.
    Thanks, Franie!

  3. Very nice, Angie! Love red and white. I, too, have a grocery-shopping hubby and housekeeping hubby. Well, not TWO hubbys- he's one and the same. lol Good job! Keep it up.

  4. All right! V - ain't it wonderful how helpful they've gotten with retirement(well at least mine is retired). He also does his own laundry because he said I've done it long enough. What a guy!


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