UFO #3

Well, back from vacation - more on that later - and after catching up (don't you just love it that you have to hurry up and catch-up with life after taking a vacation!), I've finished Verse by the Side of the Road, a block swap I participated in with an online group in 2005. I got the top done, but then the top got buried! This featured 30s fabrics and sayings from Burma Shave. You'd find these jingles along the major US highways - one line at a time - every few miles. Think of them as the first of billboards eye level to your car. Here's one jingle:
If you must sample
her pucker paint,
better drive
where traffice ain't.
Burma Shave
I had a friend wrtie and say she saw some in Kentucky recently. I thought they were all gone. I saw them in my youth on parts of US 66 which are now part of Interstate 10 and 40 when we drove between Houston and California. Sure cut down on the druggery of those long drives.