Fun with Grandsons

Well the weekend was fun. First I picked up DGS #2, Frank, and kept him overnight and Sat while his parents went to the movies and dinner. It was a treat for us as he lives about 50 miles away and we don't see him that often -maybe once a month. He brought along a build it toy - a neoshifter - it took us (little Frank and I) 2 hours to put it together. See photo. Thankfully, he played with it for hours and never took it apart, so it was worth it. The next day Will came around 9am to play with Frank. They are 18 months apart with Will the older, however they are the same size. They got along great this time. I think Will has matured enough so that he doesn't have to have everything Frank has. What an imagination those two have!

At lunch time we headed out to the ball field as it was opening ceremonies for Will for his T-Ball team. He's the one to the right of the player not in uniform.

Turned out there was a carnival too! All the teams (except t-ball) had booths for food, games, goodies. My daughter isn't too happy with me as I gave in and let Will play for a fish, and of course he won. I said, "he'll be company for Goldy. She said, "or food for Goldy". Well Goldy is about three times bigger.