Lily Mary Anita

Here she is, our little Precious, at nine days old and a family portrait:

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Lily is such a good baby - her mom can't believe how lucky she is to have such a cooperative little one - they have to wake her to feed and not sleep too long - her brother was like that also. And here's delighted Abuela with Lily. Life is good!


For all those who asked:

Here is one of my two blue doors. We had the house painted and I decided I wanted blue doors instead of the same oh - prettey bright huh? I'd do it again if given the opportunity, but I think I would pick a darker blue. Our front door is really into our breezeway/patio area. Some day I'd like to enclose it. When we didn't have the door I'd get UPS and FedEx opening the slider door right into my living room and I didn't like that. Does keep the critters out to from coming in from the street. The door came from our church school that was remodeling. It is a nice wide door, larger than a regular door.


Soldier's Angel Block

Here's a block I'm donating to our guild's Soldier's Angels project. We're to make 12 1/2 " blocks and they will be made into quilts to send to soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq. We're doing red white and blue but with Americana touches.


Day Trip #1

Went with 3 friends on the nicest day trip. We went to the Palos Verdes peninsula. It was wonderful. Right on the beach and an hour's drive from home, but light years different from our semi desert area. Our first stop was the Trump National Golf Club - not for golf (LOL) but the the public seashore access that is there. Here is the start of the trail. I was worried that it would be gravely and hard for one of our members to handle but it was all like this. The total way is 2 miles round trip and what a view! That is Catalina Island you can see about 26 miles from shore. We were right by one of the tees, although we could not go out on the course. As we walked along enjoying the coastline and the beautiful flowers (they have made it into a wildflower reserve) we were just enchanted with the walk. And as it was a Monday, we didn't have a crowd surrounding us which was a blessing - parking space you know. The trail ends at the clubhouse. If you are adventurous enough, you can take the gravel trail down and find yourself at a nice beach area - alas too steep for me. From there we went to the Wayfarer's Chapel - a Swedenborgen Christian church built in the 60's. Isn't this fabulous?! Many weddings and other services are held here and the gardens surrounding are so serene and inviting.

Our next stop was the Terranea Resort Hotel that has another great walk along the cliffs and a wonderful restaurant named Nelson's - after Mike Nelson of Sea Hunt tv series. Food was great and the outdoor seating's view fabulous. Here is a beautiful succulent planting just to the right of the entrance to the restaurant.

That's a lighthouse in the distance beyond the fence and just a few hundred feet from it was the Point Vicente Interpretive Center where we learned about the old Marineland, the lighthouse, the Indians of the area and we saw a whale!

Our last stop was to the Malaga Cove Library built in 1930 and has fabulous furniture still from that period still in use and is one of the fine examples of peninsula architecture still open. Outside they have this wonderful fountain - my kind of library.


Table Runner

Last month, I made a table runner for my friend, Torri, for her birthday. She had given me some stack n whack blocks she had made long ago and wanted me to make her a jacket with. I made a table runner instead and 6 napkins. I forgot to take a picture, but when we visited them in Rancho Mirage I was able to take a photo. Here it is. You can tell she likes very bright colors.


And the Winner of the 2nd basket giveaway is:

Number 17 or Rachel C! Congratulations, Rachel. Leave a comment here so I'll know you saw this.

Look forward to sending you the basket.

PS: Number was chosen randomly at Random.org - Thank you all for participating.