Look what our Guild has been up to!

In support of our troops and with the encouragment and leadership of our guild member, Renee - 62 quilts will be on their way to soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq for Christmas. Click here for local story.


For the Quiltlet Swap

My online group, Quilters on Review, on Yahoo is having a quiltlet swap. Here is my entry. I call it Reversable Crumb Block Quiltlet. We were to start with a 6 1/2" block and make a quiltlet with it - usually one block. I decided to reach into my scrap box and see what I pulled out. It happened to be a crumb block, so I went from there - found some more I had laying around and that made the top. I decided to use a piece of Christmas fabric I had on hand for the back , so the recipient could use this at the Holidays if they wanted to. LOL - it will sure wake them up!

I quilted part of it using reverse quilting and the other half with conventional quilting. Hope someone wants it. Ps: If you enlarge the photo, you can see the quilting.


Em's Quilt

Here's my entry for the Fall Quilt Festival at parkcitygirl.blogspot.com(see link at right). I started this in 2005. It was Beth Ferrier's BOM pattern for that year and is called Simple Pleasures. You can see more of her wonderful designs at http://applewd.com/ I made it for my daugher, Emily's 35th birthday which was in 2006. She loves black and white, so I chose to make it in that colorway with a splash of color here and there. This was a challenge for me as it used a few techniques I had never used before: machine applique, borderie perse, and some intricate piecing which Beth made so easy with here sneaky piecing tips, I don't know what I was worried about. The pattern was for a twin size quilt with a pillow panel(can't remember what it's called - but is the part that lays on the pillows). Since mine was going to be a wall hanging I did not make the pillow panel. It measures about 68 x 72 and featured an appliqued cat (very similar to Bruja - the cat they had at the time) - yep, that was part of the pattern. When I pieced the top, I almost decided to keep it - I had grown so fond of it, LOL but I did give it to Em in 2006.

It was quilted by my fellow guild member, Trina Andrews. And here is a closeup of one of the blocks: