UFO #2

Okay, I finally got UFO #2 done, albeit two months overdue, but it is done. I love log cabin designs, but after making two, I don't like making them. Sooooo, I came up with a simplified one. Someone may have come up with this before me, but I can't remember who or if I saw it in a mag or book - I read of lot of them and if you'd like to see a partial list of my quilt books, you can go to http://www.angiesbookshelf.com/ to see them under the keyword quilting. So here is my version of furrows: I just kept grabbing from my stash to make this scrappy version. The little blue squares are fusible raw edge applique. I wanted to try another all over quilting pattern and chose baptist fan. It quilted quickly and was easy to do going from side to side. You can see the quilting in the light areas. This quilt measures about 40 X 48. I was happy it used up some big size scraps!
I'm finishing the quilting on UFO #3 and I'll be able to show it to you once I get back from Puerto Rico.
Quilting leads to contented hearts.
Bye for now!


The Sky is not Often Like This

This is sort of garden related. I was looking out my patio door and realized that before me was a scene not often seen around here - clouds. Two storms are suppose to be moving through the area. As a consequence, we've had a lot of wind and now these beautiful puffy white clouds are scudding through. It reminds me of Houston, TX - there, this is a common site. I'm enjoying this day - and I'll keep the photo for later in the year when the summer sun will relentless remind us that clouds don't figure in the general skyscape of Riverside CA.
Off to continue burying the threads on my finished UFO. I should be able to post a photo soon.
Until then!


Fruit of the Workshop or How not to Have a UFO

Our guild sponsored a workshop two weeks ago. It was to learn to make flowers using Shelley Swanland's creative answer to making cathedral window on the machine. It wasn't that hard once Shelley explained it to us and all thirteen of us finished a 12" block. Now I plan on making this quilt in the future, but I didn't want this one block to become an UFO, so I finished it and made it into a pajama bag for soon-to-be new niece, Linda. She and Peter are getting married Aug 1st. You can view Shelley's work at http://www.shelleysstudio.com/ Enjoy!


Spring in Bloom

Spring has arrived in Riverside. We've been having mild days with sunny skys and brisk breezes to keep the days from getting hot. My seeds are sprouting ever so slowly (no rain to speak of), but two perennials are making a fine show in our front area. Here are a cascading bridal wreath and a bougainvillea. I may have to start some seeds in pots cuz it's hard to keep the bed moist for the 7 -14 days it takes for them to germinate, and then I'm off to Puerto Rico in 4 weeks so how would my little fledgelings do?