Applique Tuesdays

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I love applique, so why don't I do more of it?  I love applique and patchwork together, but do I make some?  I've put a couple of UFOs that have some applique in my challenge list, and still that hasn't motivated me.  What has motivated me has been those buttons on the left sidebar to get at least something done to post.  So I thought I'd make a button for Tuesdays - 6/13= use to be Thursdays, but had to change it - and make that weekday my day to post about applique.  The button has a block I made for one of my ufo's so it's my first applique work I'm posting under this category.  Want to be motivated to applique on at least one day a week or show off your beautiful work, or a WIP in progress or a tip on appliquing?  Add a link of a blog post that has applique in it.  That's a link to a blog post, not the address to your blog.  How do you find that?  Click on the title you gave to your blog post.  When you do that the post will reload, and in the address box at the top of your browser, you'll now see the link to that specific post.  Copy that and click on my Add a Link blue button at the bottom of my post.  Your copied link is what you enter in the first box that appears. Click next step after you've entered your info and you'll get to pick which photo you want in your thumbnail.  Look forward to seeing your eye candy.