2020 UFO Challenge

I'm continuing to work on my UFOs.  Do they ever end?  LOL.  Here goes.  And since I only got one done last year, I'm only going to set 6 goals this year.  A new one every other month - maybe I can do better.  Fingers crossed.

1. Make more blocks for Anna's Garden. In fact, make this a Block a Month quilt - Our 50th came and went and this anniversary quilt didn't. Sighhh.

2. Make the patchwork blocks for Anna's Garden. 

3. Complete my Easy Street top

4. Quilt my Riverside quilt.

5. Add leaves  and flowers to the nine baskets blocks

6. Make the remaining basket in the center block of LE

Of course I'll be making charity Baby quilts.  That and the above should keep me busy.