2014 UFOs

Sign. Of last year's challenge, I only got two done, and One wasn't even on my list!  Here are those lingering UFOs (all repeats from two years ago):

2.  My Carolina Christmas blocks are done!  I just need to get these together, quilt and bind!

3.  Here is Will's quilt he designed when he was 5.  He'll be 11 in June! Need to quilt and bind.

4.  Only a few blocks made on the garden trellis quilt.  If I get all the blocks made, I'll be happy.

6.  My modern quilt - I need to finish this so I can quilt it once I learn how to make feather stitches from Judy's tutorial coming up in 2012.  Note:  I've learned how to do them so no excuse now!

7. Here is Watching all the birds go by - only a flimsie - needs to be quilted and bound.

8.  This was to be a baby quilt - three babies ago - LOL.  Need to add a border, quilt and bind.  Done and gifted in Dec. 2013!
9.  Here is the only one of the monochromatic challenge I got near done.  Need to sew the blocks together, quilt and bind. 

10.  Another set of blocks I won - need to make the flimsie, quilt and bind.
11. Another set of blocks - these I inherited from my neighbor. They are the blocks from the quilt:  Women's Voices.  Needs to be joined, sandwiched, quilted and bound.

12.  I made some progress on these WA shop hop blocks - still have about 11 to go and then I can make them into a quilt.