Two Finishes for Friday

At last, I have a finish - well, two actually.

The first is the baby  quilt I've been quilting: - Arggh! - I don't have a photo! I seem to have erased it. I'll have to show it later.

Next, this I do have a photo.  My studio sign:

It is done and waiting to be hung in my studio. This is a pattern from Kay Mackenzie's book, Scrap Applique Playground .  I raw edge appliqued the letters and FMQ the background.  Then I did back and forth on the spools to make them more realistic as to having thread.  The one thing I'm not happy about is the background is not square in the bottom left corner.  I'll remember to check that before I add the next border to a top.  The scissors were a bit tricky because I used a gray solid for the blades.  Solids so fall apart! I had to use fray check all along the edges to keep it not together. Sigh. But at least that worked.  I didn't realize the letters would look so ghostly with the white, dotted background. Another thing to check with a b&w photo from my camera.  But it's done and I'm happy enough to hang it.

Lastly (and another finish) is the steal game entry I made for our Guild meeting.  
Made a sandwich, quilted it, then cut out a 7 inch circle.
Then I bound the circle with bias binding.  
I then folded it per instructions from the pattern in the 2000 Fons and Porter Nov/Dec For the Love of Quilting issue. And got this:
a scissor case

So those are my Friday finishes.  What are you working on?  I'd love to see. Just leave me a note and I'll come comment. I'll be linking to Can I get a Whoop, Whoop?  and Oh Scrap!.

Blessings, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I think they both look great. Only a maker notices small things others never see, they're in awe of the whole.

  2. Congratulation on not one finish but two!!


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