Some of This, Some of That

No photos - wouldn't look any different than last time - but am progressing on the hand quilting my UFO and fixing my hexie medallion.  I'm doing quite a bit of that today.  Reason being I took a walk yesterday and I'm ordered to take a day off my feet to ease the hip.  For a while it's walk 1/2 mile one day and rest all day the next.  Little by little...

Couldn't resist working on that accidental landscape  - added the borders. The outer border is really an eggplant color although it looks darker.  I'm thinking of adding something in the lower right corner.  Not sure what yet.  Once I decide yes or no, I'll sandwich and do some quilting.

So that 1/8th yard of scraps has grown to 1/4th.
And my new YTD de-stashing is 4.87 yards.  

The weather this past week has been incredibly mild for winter here in California. Guess it's our turn to get weird weather.  So in my short walks have wandered outside and seen we have some color appearing here and there in the yard. From the front yard:
 The jade is starting to bloom. And even the geraniums have begun to color up.  Ahhhh.
What are you up to?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by to see where you're at. Blessings.


WIPs Be Gone

Used about 1/8th of scraps to start this:

Couldn't resist trying it after watching Karen Eckmeier's tutorial. Click here to watch it:
photo by Karen Eckmeier
This piece does have a scrap of brown, and I've pulled others, but that's all I've done toward this month's RSC2016.

On my hexie project (WIP #18), I've almost finished one side.  It's harder than I thought inserting those hexies, but I think it's worth it.  Here's the side I 've done:

I know some of you wanted me to leave it as it was, however, I like the separation that the darker line gives and how the rosettes on the outside are now more pronounced.

What are you up to? Would love to see it, whether finished or WIP progress or an old post, or even about what is going on in your life - not necessarily quilty. Share your goodness. Linky below closes Monday, midnight.


Some of this, Lots of That and Winnings!

YTD stash reduction = 4.67 yards.  Used 2/3 yard to make some arm rest covers.  My husband has been after me to make something for his recliner for months because the cover we bought is falling apart on the back side.

What with the broken hip and not knowing where I had stashed the fabric, it hadn't got done.  Yesterday, I was searching the bottom shelf of my stash for another project and found the fabric. Yes! So I promptly cut the covers and started to stitch them. Then the power went out mid-afternoon. I had to come up with something else to do, even as the light was fading fast. I jerry rigged a light source using the flashlight I had just gotten the day before.
Yes, it looks bright outside, but there was no way I could haul that chair over to the window.  I sat there and stitched on my hexies til I realized the power wasn't coming back any time soon (out for 4 hours total) so started getting out the candles and battery powered lights. Wish I'd taken of picture of me cooking  - that new flashlight was hanging from a magnetic hook on my exhaust fan over the stove as I grilled some lamb chops. Fortunately, we have a gas stove, and with a match I could light the burners. Bonus was we ate by candlelight.  Haven't done that in years.

Once the lights came back on, the covers got finished.  The fabric is the same one I used on the sofa and this chair.  I'm making a  quilted cover now for the back of the recliner.

And going back to that handy flashlight (it's nine LED), it came in a box from Shelly. She hosts the 350 Blocks Project of which I was a part of last year.  She holds this fun activity year round.  What I love about it is that you don't have to make something new.  It's you making blocks from your UFO, WIP or stalled new projects.  It gets one moving on those quilts half done. Plus at the end of the year, she awards prizes. And this year I won!

Here's what was in the goodie box besides the Missouri Star Quilt Co gift card that came via the Net:
Thank you so much, Shelly! So Fine by Superior is my go to thread. Those leaf pins are great; have the ruler for that pattern, a useful flashlight as I've noted, a delicious smelling bar of soap. Last, but not least a great 4 pack of solid fatquarters from Clothworks - American Made Brand. Woohoo!  Go here if you'd like to learn more about this fun way to move forward, and here if you'd like to read comments from quilters reporting on their first month.  Last year we made a total of 33,875 blocks!

Now back to life over here.  I'm so happy to report that I'm walker-less.  Here's my constant companion now:
I just have to remember to place him to my left when I sit. I tend to walk off without him, LOL.  And I can feel it.  If I go 10-15 minutes without him, my hip starts to ache.  This tells me I do need to keep him around.

What kept me busy besides hand stitching? I finished the St. Anne's baby quilt top -the one I had to rip out all those edge stitches.  It's quilted and off to the next member of our group to get clipped and washed. It's a modified rag quilt.
Ruler and walking foot work

Just Loop-de-lo for FMQ in the border
So what are you up to?  Would love to hear.  Leave me a comment and I'll come by to see your eye candy.  And please if you are a no-reply blogger, leave your.name(at)host(dot)com so I can reply. Not sure? Please check - finding a lot of those these days.