As I walk down the hall

I can see this spot of color. I found a packet of wildflower seeds and planted them in April - yes, late, but I wanted something green and bright that I could see through my hallway window as I walked by. What a nice surprise I got in the variety that came up even though the packet was of 2005 crop of seeds.


I've Decided

that my stash is overflowing! When I started quilting several friends gave me bagfuls of fabric, so now 10 years later, I want to do the same. I'll be posting a giveaway now and then and it will go out to the 10th person to ask for it. Here's my first giveaway - a half yard of blue that could be used for water in a landscape or ?:


Still kicking

Hi, a quick note to say I'm still alive even though I haven't posted since June. Bouts of vertigo, and grandkids, visiting family and trying to stay cool have all kept me from the computer and posting, but hope to do better.

Here's a quilt I bound for the soldiersangels.org folks. One of our guild members is getting a bunch of these quilts together to send off for the military at Christmas time. We guild members help out by doing different parts of the quilt process. If you'd like to learn more about this worthy cause go to: http://www.soldiersangels.org/