Quilting in 09

Our local quilt guild issued a challenge for us to finish some of our UFOs (unfinished objects). I submitted a list of 13 which is a fraction of the UFOs I have. I figured if I did that many I would get a small start toward completing some of them. Madly quilting on the first one and I'll show a pic when it's done. In the meantime, here is a photo of the last one I finished in January. This was a baby quilt for my grandson, William, godfather's new baby named Sebastian. The parents decorated his room with a jungle theme, hence the bright fabric in the squares. Sebastian was born at the end of January.

Hello, My Name is Angie.

Hello, My name is Angie and the name of my blog lists three of the things I like to do. Here's a picture of a view from my kitchen window from back in 2005. It was a good year. I live in sunny California and it isn't always I have such a green view from the window, especially now that we are in a drought, but it is winter now so I hope to have another picture later in spring to replace this one. I'd love to see your garden view. More later!