WIPs Be Gone

I have a finish:
 Here's that baby quilt I was quilting.  It was an easy one.  Wavy lines at seams and stars in the middle.

 I used these Crayola markers to mark the stars - only marked the tips of the star and the intersections, and as these are fine line worked well by just lightly drawing. (I learned about these when reading Geta Grama's blog post). When it was all done, I washed the quilt with a SHOUT color catcher and mild soap in warm water on delicate cycle and all the lines came out.  I was worried about that because the marker box said "Wash promptly", and I had those lines on the quilt about 3 weeks.
I just love this flannel back of jungle safari animals.  

I've started another baby quilt.  This one is a panel on which I use the FMQ foot.  

These panels are great for practicing the rhythm of quilting (listening for that just right hum) and having consistent stitch lengths.  Try one.

What are you up to?  Link up below, or leave a comment and I'll come by to see your progress.  This week's giveaway is a $10 gift certificate for the Fat Quarter Shop.  Add a link or leave a comment for two chances to win. Good luck.

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  1. liking the baby quilt and the panel is lovley too,thanks for the tip re the washable crayons I usea pencil but that does not always wash out completely

  2. I like the way you used the star pattern in your quilting, looks very nice!

  3. You are very brave Angie. I wouldn't have done the marking with Crayola markers. Unless I had tried it on other pieces a scrap first. So glad to hear it all disappeared in the wash. Your quilting is beautiful! ;^)

  4. thanks for the marker tip. Yea, I'm always nervous to leave it in too long. I had a quilt that sat for a while with those marks. I had to wash several times to get it out.

  5. I love outline quilting panels, it makes all the critters pop. Nice work! Glad those markers didn't give you any trouble!

  6. Okayyyy I never thought to use the crayola washable markers! Good to know they work. Cute cute quilts too!!


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