Applique Tuesday

Finished all the remaining music symbol blocks for the commission quilt.
They go in D9P blocks
Seven D9Ps to go.  That little hand belongs to 
Alan.  He was helping and playing in the sewing room as I worked on these applique blocks. What an imagination.  He pulled thin scraps out of the waste basket and decided they were seaweed.  Got a train and flat car to take the submarine to the dock. Then got a crane to lower the sub into the ocean. Then he played rescue - saving a car that fell in, Winnie the Pooh, etc.  I just had to supply special effects sounds ever so often.

What are you working on?  Leave me a comment and I'll come over to check it out.  I'm linking to Connie's Linky Tuesday and Let's Bee Social.

Time for lunch - he wants French Toast with Applesauce and milk on  the side. Then nap time.


Design Wall Monday

Before I report, Hexie Weekend is still open, end Monday, midnight.  We love eye candy and we be pleased to see yours. Doesn't have to be Hexies, and can be an old post, too.

I started a new scrap quilt and am making a sample block - that used up a FQ. I also made the Block Lotto Sneak Peak - that took another F8.  I also made three blocks for my Mod, Mod sampler - another FQ. That's back on my design wall now. Lastly, I raided my stash for for a back for two charity quilts for a total of 1.13 yards. Donated a yard to Guild thrifty corner. So my total for this week is 2.38 yards out. Numbers on right sidebar.

As I said earlier - on my design wall:

New blocks are on the upper right.  I even sewed the right side together. It's starting to look like a quilt.

I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday and Lyn's BOMs Away.  Drop them a line to say hello, won't you.


Hexie Weekend

First, I finished that half done hexie flower from last week.
I hoped to make more but I was busy finishing quilting my hexie quilt!

I want to thank Karen of Faeries and Fibres for all her helpful quilting advice as she posts while quilting her beautiful hexagon quilts.  I've learned a lot!

Here's a more frontal photo.

And the back.  I just love the back - looks like a whole cloth quilt to me. Just the binding left to do - my goal is to finish that by Tuesday.

Now I have to get back to my commission quilt, but I'm sandwiching another to quilt and cutting the binding strips for the one above.

What are you up to?  I'd love to see your project, hexie or otherwise. Linky below - it ends Monday, midnight.

With my love of eye candy, I'm also linking to Amanda Jean's Finish it up Friday, Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop? and Richard's Link a Finish . Lots to see there.


And the Winner Is

Glen in Louisiana, #119, and as picked by Random.org.  Congratulations, Glen!  I've sent out an email to her and hope to get her quilt out to her soon.

I want to thank you all who commented and my 326 readers. I so enjoyed your entries into this giveaway. Given the number of entries, I can't respond to all of them, but I read every one!  I learned I'm not the only one who can't work in the heat. So glad you visited and liked Rhonda's , Karen H's, and Karen's work.  I so enjoy going to their blogs and learning so much.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Happy blogging!

                                                                                                       Angie in SoCal


Applique Tuesday

Last chance to win a quilt - six ways to win - ends tonight Midnight.  Here's the quilt on the right:
Go here to enter.

This Tuesday I finished machine appliqueing the leaves on my hexie wall hanging:

I raw edge appliqued these to the top because that was already sewn together when I got the top. Then I straight stitched around the leaf and added some details. Now back to quilting - I want to finish it by Thursday - well, I'll try.

What are you up to?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by to see your eye candy.  I'm linking to Connie's Linky Tuesday.  See you there.


This N That

Nothing in and nothing out, so numbers stay the same.  That's my stash report for this week.

Before I forget, my giveaway for celebrating 1000 posts is still on.  You could win a quilt! Closes Tuesday, midnight. Also on is the Hexie Weekend linky party - that closes Monday, midnight. We'd love to see your eye candy of any kind - new or old. Go here to enter either or both. Links in the post will get you where you want, and see the quilt.

On my design wall are two rows of the commission quilt.
Five rows to go.  I discovered as I made these that I really need a map for the disappearing nine-patch blocks before assembling because otherwise the symbols can look like something else.
Do you see an unhappy face?
So I made a map:
I oriented the symbols so they would be going one way and spread out the three large prints in a pattern.  Then I cut a duplicate map into strips of two rows at a time and cut the foursomes in those rows into four blocks and rearranged each set of four to be a nine patch giving me the orientation and which large print to use.  Here's a part of the page - the scanner was not cooperating and I couldn't get the whole page - just a part of the nine patch layouts.
Hope you see what a help this was to me or else I'd have been ripping out stitches for each nine-patch.

I'm linking over to Judy's Design Wall Monday and Lyn's BOMs Away.  She's still working on her thesis, but she had a little time to post last week.  Blessings to you all.


Hexie Weekend

Okay - My hand stitched hexies are on hold as I quilt that Hexie flower garden I've shown you before. Actually started on it. I'm being daring and quilting the flowers with pink 50 wt thread on top and silver on the bottom as I practiced on a piece and got the tension just right.  I read and reread Karen H's posts on how she quilts her hexagons and am using her experience to guide me.

And I'm happy with the response so far for my ongoing Giveaway.  Did you read the previous post.  I'm giving away a quilt. So if you didn't read it, go back and enter to see if you win this lap quilt.  There are six ways to enter!

On Wednesday I was at the California Science Center in LA for their Pompeii Exhibit.  It was great - a little noisy with all that volcanic action, but it was very interesting to see all they had from Italy from Pompeii that has not been seen in US before.  They have a great simulation of the eruption, a thorough explanation of the city and how people lived there.  Loved the atriums.

And - I do have a finish!  Here's my completed hexagon charity quilt I made with my new Hex N More ruler.

Here's #2 holding it.  It's almost as big as he is!  I made a comment to myself about how Grandpa wasn't available to hold it so I could take a picture. He immediately said, "I can hold it for you, Grandma." He's such a helper.
I decided to quilt a strip of loops around the edge for the border.  This measures 34 by 36.
I spent quite a bit of time making all those skating rabbits going one way where I could.  It was only when I had quilted half the motifs did I notice I had quilted them upside down to the bunnies. From now on, it's check twice, quilt once -LOL.  I hope baby won't mind.
Here you can see some of the motifs in the squares. I found a cat, dog, bear, cherries, apple, tree, whale, sandman, seashell and airplane to quilt - all Mary Covey motifs.  I used freezer paper to mark them in the full hexagons.
It was very hard to see the quilting on the backing - thus the contrasty photo.  I used silver 50 wt Aurifil thread and silver Superior Bottom line for the back with a 90/14 titanium needle.

So what have you been up to?  Would love to see your eye candy! Linky below; ends Monday, midnight.  Because I love eye candy, I'm linking to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday and Richard's Link a Finish Friday .

Do enter the giveaway!  I'd love to send you my quilt to celebrate my 1001 posts.


Applique Tuesday Not & Giveaway

Yesterday was a tad difficult.  Not only did I have the fun of having both boys here, but my TMJ and allergies were acting up, it got to 112 on the patio, and I had a guild meeting to go to. Sunday and Monday were at 110 too so by Tuesday I felt fried every time I stepped out of the house.  I meant to mention that my last DWM post was my 1,000 post for this blog, but my cooked brain couldn't remember much.

So this is the 1001 post for A Quilting Reader's Garden.  I can't believe I am there.  So most people do a giveaway or something - think I'll do one, too.  Did I get to any applique since last Tuesday? No, other than making more musical symbols and thinking about LE.  Every time I see one, I want to start on mine again.  And today I went off on a scouting trip for our next Seniors Field Trip at our church.  We took the train to Downtown LA, caught a subway and another train to Exposition Park and had a great time.  This one is doable!  Lots of things to see and do. We went specifically for the Pompeii exhibition, but people can do anything they want in the 4 hours they will have to explore before getting back on the trains.  Took all day.

Back to the Giveaway - I've decided to giveaway a quilt (one in photo, about 48" x 60").  This will run from today til next Tuesday, September 23rd, midnight.  There are several ways you can enter:
  1. comment on this post answering:  Can you work in the heat? 
  2. follow this blog and let me know you did, 
  3. mention this giveaway on your blog and let me know you did,
  4. Visit Rhonda, check out her BOMs and BOWs and tell me in a comment on this post which is your favorite;
  5. visit Karen here and leave a comment on her blog and let me know you did.
  6. Visit Mercy here and leave a comment  on her blog and let me know you did.
Be sure you are not a no-reply blogger because if you are your chances will be nil.  Good Luck!


Design Wall Monday

First, the giveaway is still going on on Hexie Weekend (ends Monday, midnight; previous post). Link up for a chance to win - can be any eye candy - even a vintage post.

As for my stash report, I used a yard to back the charity quilt I'm quilting. That's it for the last week. Numbers on my right sidebar.

On my design wall are the first six blocks of the commission quilt I'm working on.
 Only 38 more blocks to go, LOL.  And by the way:  Chantal wins the bag of goodies for guessing that the fabric I would use with these musical symbols had instruments. Congrats, Chantal!  for guessing correctly on Applique Tuesday.

Well off to quilt that charity blanket.  Want to get it done for Tuesday's guild meeting.  What are you up to?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by and comment.

I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times and Lyn's BOMs Away who may be hard at work on her thesis - stop by and leave her an encouraging note.


Hexie Weekend plus FMQ

Home from Duarte and babysitting for 36 hours while DS and DDIL went to a concert.  Since they were coming home late, I stayed the night.

Here are the hexies I made while waiting at the Doctor's office last Friday. It was a 2 hour wait this time.

One can get a lot done while waiting around.

I finished and bound my  Modern charity quilt.  I quilted it a lot more than any other.  I found that you do need a bit more around the edges of batting and backing when one quilts so heavily.  I had to add a piece to one corner that shrunk more than I thought.

I got carried away doodling on it.
Here it is bound and finished sitting on the one that will be next quilted.

What are you working on?  Would love to see your eye candy! Linky below.   I'm going to send 100 1" hexagon paper pieces to one of you who links. Remember it doesn't have to be new or hexies - could be anything -blog post or photostream.

I'm linking to Amanda's Finish it up Fridays and Sarah's Can I have a Whoop, Whoop!
Stay cool.


Applique Tuesday

It's 10:30 PM, so this still qualifies for Applique Tuesday.  If you've read my previous posts you know of some of the things that have kept me busy - quilty, health, kids or otherwise.  Somehow I did get to some applique.  Alas it wasn't to any of my three projects I want to work on.

Here's the Block Lotto block for September.  Although we can enter nine, I made one as there was that cursed paper piecing to contend with - and this time I was having a dickens of a time until I realized that while the pieces were the same size (the reds) I had to use the reverse of the template to make the second one on each fourth of the pattern.  The circle is machine appliqued.

I took on another commissioned quilt.  Here are four of the accent pieces for the quilt.  They are raw edge applique.  Need 14 of these for the quilt.  Can you guess what the fabric is I will be using? An envelope of goodies to who guesses right. What in the envelope?  That's a surprise.

That's my applique for the week except for the few stitches I did on my Anna's Garden block.  What are you working on?  Would love to see  your eye candy.  Leave me a comment and I'll drop by.

2015 Block Lotto

Sophie of Block Lotto has asked us to brain storm for her of what to do for Block Lotto in the coming year.  This is not what we are going to do but what we might like to do.  We all have ideas and this is my way of letting her know of the things on my wish list.

Should the blocks be all the same size?

I don't think so - I'd like to try a quilt with odd sizes and how it comes together as in
Sue Garman's Yuletide Joy as seen here
but with a more intersting border.  Does it have to be Christmas theme?  No. How about traditional blocks, or raw edge applique or a mix of the two.  Or how about a house quilt with trees and flowers, fences, kites, etc?

Let's make it scrappy so as we send blocks to winners, they will blend with everyone's.  

Whatever Sophie decides I know I will like it.  She does a great job of challenging us when making blocks. It's great fun.


Design Wall Monday & More

First, my stash report:  Used a 30 x 30" piece for backing of my hexie project. Then used 2 fat eighths, one 6.5"x WOR, and a fat 16th for blocks in a charity quilt.  Then I used a 12.5 x 53.5" of orphan blocks to make a side to my Happy Scrappy Orphan Block BOM.  Total came out near 1.5 yards.
Numbers on my right sidebar.  I showed the charity quilt in a previous post.  Here's the BOM:
I'll start working on the left side soon.  And on my design wall are my blocks for the Mod, Mod Sampler for Block Lotto.
This sampler is way out of my comfort zone. However, I feel I am learning so that's good.
I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times and Lyn's BOMs Away.  See you there.


Hexie Weekend

Hello, this was going to go out first thing this morning, but I went to the doctor instead.  This time it took 2 hours.  Then when I got home, and after the Doc assured me that the meds would not put me to sleep, I took one at lunch and promptly fell asleep.   Me and antihistamines - geesh!

I did get some hexie's done this past week. I even sandwiched a hexie project for quilting!

More were done at the doctor's office, but I"ll show those next week as I haven't taken a photo.
This is really white, but for some reason the camera decided it was going to be yellow. I pieced the batting.
It's yellow, too - but should be white background.
Here's my project - about 30" square. I'm going to try some of Karen's ideas for quilting hexagons. You can see hers here.

I also finished a charity quilt top for St. Anne's.
 These little monkeys were so cute I had to fussy cut them.

What are you up to?  Would love to see your eye candy.  Linky below.  I'm linking to Richard's Link a Finish Friday, Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop, and Amanda's Finish it Friday.


Applique Tuesday almost Late

Okay, Alan and Will just left with Mama - the Barbecued pork is almost ready to go with the sides, and I have my project out to sit down and do some applique stitching with my feet up in the living room while watching NCIS.  Life got in the way and I haven't done any til now.

This is a block from Anna's Garden.  Need to do the two birds and the leaf on bottom right. One of the things that has kept me otherwise engaged is this baby quilt for St. Anne's.  I'll show you more tomorrow.
What are you working on?  Would love to see it.  Leave me a comment and I'll come over for a look.