Hexie Friday Already?!

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Gosh, this week flew by!  Quilty wise not much was accomplished, but a lot of things were happening.  Here's my finished Soupcon hexie flower.  I decided instead of embroidery to do broderie perse as the fabric I have has a lot of great motifs.  And if I embroidered it, I wouldn't be done for a while.  I may put a berry over the flat edges in midnight blue. Not sure yet.  I'll wait until we're further along in this QAL. My other finish for the week is here.

At that show we went to on Sunday (Road to California), I saw some spectacular quilts and of course some had hexagons.  Here's one:

Title is This is not my Grandmother's Garden.

How are you doing on your eye candy?  We would love to see it - hexie or not, finished, in process or dreaming of.  Linky below.  Closes Monday, 11 PM.

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Applique Tuesday of Sorts

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Very little progress in applique this last week - such a busy week. Sunday, I took 4 ladies to the Road to California Show in nearby Ontario - that was fun but tiring (photos to follow).  Then I had both boys on Monday. William and I spent the whole day working on his science project.  He had it done - we just had to do the presentation board.  Then picked up Alan from Day Care - both have runny noses and genearl malaise. Last night, I just vegetated after they left at 7 pm.  Sooo  here's the bit I did on my Benjamin Biggs before they arrived at 7: 30 AM to stay with me again. 
 Seam allowance needs to be turned up onto fusible stabilizer.
About 1/8th done.
 Pretty much all Will did today other than some TV and computer and the card games.

Alan showing off his play dough work . 
William was coughing, had a headache - I won't be surprised if he has a touch of the flu despite getting the shot this year.  To keep Alan busy, we spent the morning making Applesauce Oatmeal cookies.  He loves to help.  After his nap, he wanted to play with play dough so I have a little time to post because while he napped I taught Will how to play rummy.

Hope you were more successful. Leave me a comment and tell my how you did.  I'll go on over to your post and check out your eye candy.  Bye for now!


Start of Week 4, 2014

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Let me start with my stash report.  I used a 1/4 yard to finish up a charity quilt top.  Here it is coming off my design wall:
Measures about 40" square and is a Disappearing Nine-Patch made with 7 1/2" squares.  A little bigger than most of our 36" St. Anne's quilts, but I don't think the Moms will mind.  These go together quickly.  So all that's left on my design wall is my applique and a rag quilt I'm just starting.  More about LE Tuesday.

Here are my numbers:
Out this week:    0.25 yards;   YTD:       4.70 yards
Donated:          11.00 yards;     YTD:   11.00 yards
In this week:       0.00 yards;     YTD:     0.00 yards

Total YTD USED                                   15.70 yards
I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday .  See you there.


Grow Your Blog 2014

Hello!  My name is Angie and I love to quilt, read and garden. Come February 28th, 2014, I will have been blogging for 5 years.  I can't believe it!  You can see my first post here.  I love how blogging has introduced me to so many new friends around the world - Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, the Philippines, the UK, Germany, of course the US and many more - places I would love to visit but will never get to all of them in one lifetime.  And I have learned so much from the fabulously talented quilters that inhabit blog land.  I love to go to new sites and see what my fellow quilters are up too, see their eye candy, view their sewing studios. So when I came across Vicki's post  - Grow your Blog - I thought what a way to meet more friends out there and discover more fascinating blogs.  Over 500 bloggers signed up for the event. Wow!

So welcome to my blog. I hope you'll stop by now and then to see what I'm up to and comment. Then I can visit your blog/flickr group/email and do the same. Here's one of the projects I'm working on at  present.
I post whatever progress I've made on Fridays as Hexie Weekend and have a Linky Party for it too.  You're invited to link any eye candy you've made, are working on, or dream of starting (it doesn't have to be hexies) to share with us.  There's one going on now - previous post.

Then on Tuesdays, I write an Applique Tuesday post to keep me moving forward with my favorite type of quilting.  Here are four blocks that are waiting to become a wall hanging.  I also post about the family, the garden (or lack thereof in this drought), and charity quilts.  I'm
always looking for simple patterns from which to make 36" quilts for the low income, first time mothers in our parish who need a little help and love.

As a thank you for stopping by, I'm having a giveaway during Vicki's  fabulous event. I'm giving away a $25 gift certificate to one of my favorite online stores:  The Fat Quarter Shop.  This giveaway is open to anyone. In order to win, leave me a comment and tell me where you are from (please be sure you are not no-reply on Blogger).  For a second chance to win, you can become a follower and leave a comment telling me you have done so. Winner will be chosen on February 15th.  Good Luck! 
PS:  Come Feb 28th - I'll have another giveaway for my blog anniversary - mark it on your calendars.


Hexie Weekend and more.

Lots to share with you, but first, Help!  Look at this black and white copy of a hexie piece.  Is it my imagination or what? The hexies seem to blend together. Is it the that they are the same value?  If you agree with me, what should I do about it?  It's already sewn.  I was thinking maybe outlining each flower with dark green embroidery thread in a blanket stitch to make them stand out. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  And here's what it looks like in color.  My eye may be deceiving me or the camera  emphasized the flowers. ??  Just not happy with it in real life. This piece was given to me by a friend who knows I love hexies.  They are one inch hexies.

 As to my other hexie projects, I have done a bit, but not ready to show. I'd love to see your project, hexie or not.  Linky below.`

Next I have finished my first UFO for 2014 - completely done. This top was put together in 1997. It's about 35" square and is my first charity quilt for the year, too.
 I free motion quilted the border of this one.  I learned a lot about using a motif that goes out from the corners and doesn't meet together in the side.  One has to measure and space in order to align with the center of the quilt. I didn't realize that until I had already begun FMQ. Hopefully, the baby won't mind.
 Here's a close up of my flowers.
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Applique Tuesday 1/21/14

Well I got my heart challenge done - that took a good deal of my time. We show them tomorrow at the guild meeting.  And all the blocks for the charity quilt are made and being assembled into rows.  With those out of the way, I had a few minutes to actually decide what to do with my Soupcon block - I'll show that Friday.  And finally had a wee bit of time to devote to LE.  Didn't get far but at least I started with part 5.  I assembled the pattern; had to print it twice, then ran out of ink - sigh.  Will have to dash to Office Max tomorrow. Then I started to audition fabric.

These little flowers look ideal for using beads in the center.  I'll see. Wonder if I have enough for the other side as I tend to want symmetry in my flower arrangements.
Have you made some progress on your projects? Sure would like to visit and see how you're doing.  Leave me a comment and I'll come by for a look in between entertaining Alan tomorrow.  Blessings!


Wow, a Stash and Design Wall Monday Report

First a stash report for week 3.  I used .25 yard of fabric to bind the UFO I finished.  I'll post it Friday. Then I used .26 yard to line a happy bag.  You can see the pattern here.  It is the first link on the page.  It only takes an hour to make one of these. I pulled a half yard of yellow dyed fabric for my Soupcon QAL. I also pulled some fabric to donate to my guild - 11 yards worth.  So here are my numbers:

Out this week:    1.01 yards;   YTD:       4.45 yards
Donated:          11.00 yards;     YTD:   11.00 yards
In this week:       0.00 yards;     YTD:     0.00 yards

Total YTD used                                   15.45 yards

I'll link to Judy's Stash Report and tomorrow I'll add some more to this post.

On my design wall are two sets of blocks I'm working on.  The first set is for the Garden Gate BOM I'm working on.

We were asked to make four these blocks - they're 12 1/2" blocks. The next block will be applique/embroidery. I say we as my friend, Deanna, and I are collaborating on a quilt again.  Here's the last one we made together.
She's making the machine embroidered blocks again and I'm piecing it.

My second set of blocks on my design wall are for a charity quilt:
The blocks come out to 21" and will be used in a disappearing nine-patch.

I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday, Lyn's BOMs Away, Connie's Linky Tuesday, and Esther's WoW.
Lots of luscious eye candy there. Thanks for stoppping by!


Hexie Weekend

This isn't an excuse, just the reality of last week.  I had the grandkids for 4 of those 7 days. Enough said.  Since I don't have anything new to show you, here are a few Hexie links to tide us over til next Hexi Weekend.

First off:
   The first hexies are at Red Letter Quilts  She did a wonderful job of using a cheater cloth to make a vintage quilt her own.

Then there is Jean's Quilting Page.  That rock candy is so fab!  I could make a whole quilt out that block.

Lastly, see Becky at Patchwork Posse .  She loves hexagons, too.  And in the coming year will have some hexagon projects for us - I'll be interested to see them.

So, how did you do? Would love to see your progress on your hexie project or those you've finished or found on the net.  Linky Below.


Applique Tuesday

This may not seem like applique, but we're suppose to applique the star/flower onto a square.  So it counts for me as applique. My problem is I don't know which layout I prefer. For the star, I also have to decide if I want a center or not. Take a look and give me your opinion, please.

This block is for the Soupçon QAL that is going on now at Faeries and Fibres .  The next installment comes out this Friday, so I have to make up my mind soon.  I'm linking to Connie's Linky Tuesday and Esther's WOW as well as Sarah's Help for Hexaholics.  See the beauties there.


Start of Week 2

First my stash report:  I did buy 8 yards today.  However, since I have a definite use for it, and  I'm cutting into it tonight, it doesn't get counted.  I only count what's actually stashed - you know put into that armoire stuffed with fabric or the closet or the boxes, or the shelving under the cutting table, etc, etc. Not happening to those 8 yards.  It's for a BOM I'm doing this year.  I also used a 1/4 yard for binding my first UFO - I'll show it to you Friday. I pulled another 1/3 yard from the stash to begin my second Hexie project.  You can see that at my previous post.  So here are my numbers:

Out this week:  .58 yard;  YTD:  3.44 yards
Donated:            0  yard;  YTD:       0 yards
In this week  :     0  yard;  YTD:       0 yards
Total YTD                                3.44 yards
Linking to Judy's Stash report.

On my design wall are 12 of these blocks - I'd show you more but it's for a challenge at my guild:  

Am I glad I made a test block first.  I learned that the heart block had to have the darker fabric surrounding it or it didn't give me the shape of the block I wanted.  Have 8 more to go.

I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday and Lyn's BOMs Away.  Go check them out.


Finish on Hexie Weekend

Well, I started another Hexie project - don't really know what you call this shape -Karen calls it flower petal - I think.  It has 5 sides, but they're not equal, so I guess it's a polygon.  It's block 1 of Karen's Soupçon Mystery QAL.
I'm learning to fussy cut. I had a beautiful orange print, but I couldn't find a segment that I liked in the template I made from Karen's pdf of hexagons on her site.  Then I found the piece above. I've gotten two made so far.  I'm also trying Karen's paperless method of making the pieces. Three more to make.

Would love to see your hexie project, old, new or ongoing!  Linky below. It ends Monday evening.

Didn't get any farther with my other flowers because of the above and also I had to finish a top for our St. Anne's meeting yesterday.  I was handed a bag of fabric - a donated ufo from someone in the parish.  There was some flannel yardage and all these strips.  Here's the back - each square is 16".
I loved this fabric especially the red with the gold leaves and the tiny flower!  Here is the front:
My part is finished with this project.  It went to another member to clip and wash.  We'll deliver it next month.  Do you have a finish?  I'm linking to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday and Richard's Link a Finish.


Applique? More like Catch-Up Tuesday

Yes, I did do a teeny bit of applique.  Go to my previous post and you'll see I've selected fabric and printed the pattern for block one of the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt.  Other than that - The End of AT for last week.  What took up a lot of time was the Three Kings Day family celebration on Sunday.  It was the 12th Day of Christmas.
The two oldest DGSs - Will and Frank

The two youngest DGKs - Lily and Alan.  Missing is
Leo who lives in Fort Collins - we miss you Leo!

Lily wading through the wrappings after presents were opened.

Lighting candles on Frank's birthday cake - he was 10 on 1/6
so we were celebrating a day early - thus only 9 candles.

Daughter Em looking on.

We had a fun time - lots of eating and talking and enjoying the day.
                            Happy 12th Day of Christmas!

Now back to applique - I hoped to do some on Monday. However, Will who spent the night, woke up about 1 AM vomiting and there went all plans. I was afraid it was food poisioning, but turns out he and his brother (Alan had to be taken to Emergency for dehydration) both caught a virus at a birthday party the day before. Appears to be going around a lot right now. As a consequence, I'm playing catch-up putting away Christmas things, freezing leftovers, and generally getting back to normal.  So here's a link I think you'll like - Susan is collecting info on all the 2014 BOMs she can find - and she's found a lot!  I was happy to find her link as last year I didn't find a couple of BOMs I would have tried  - this time I know where to look.

Click here to go to the website. Click on the tabs under
the header to see all the BOMs!


Start of Week 1, 2014

.32 yd for 5 tissue holders; .68yd for 4 flannel squares needed for St. Anne's quilt; 1.63 yds for my first Benjamin Biggs block,
and 1/8th yd for another test block.  So out has gone 2.86 yds in the first few days of the year. My tally is on the right sidebar this year.  Hope I can keep that up.  My goal this year has a modest increase of 25 yards to a total of 125 yds out with more from my sewing while still donating some fabric.  See what others are planning at Judy's Stash Report.

On my Design Wall are some of those rag quilt blocks sewn into rows.  Hope to have the top done by Wednesday night,  so I can take it to the St. Anne's meeting.
I'm linking to Design Wall Monday and Lyn's BOMs Away.  See you there.


FMQ Finish

I'm happy to report I've finished quilting my first charity quilt for 2014.
This was a UFO from 1997 that I dredged out of the closet and giving to St. Anne's. This would be finished but I found the fabric I want to use for the binding runs.  Sooooo....

The back is flannel and it was a dream to quilt.

I did the flowers by FMQ and you can see I had a sizing issue.
The border pattern is a Mary Covey continuous line pattern.  It took me a while to figure out how to use it.  Once I realized the flowers had to meet in the middle of the borders, I could get started.  Generally, I'm happy with it and glad of the chance to practice my FMQ.  I'm linking at Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday and Leah's FMQ Project linky.

Hexie Weekend

Good Morning!  It's Friday again and time for our Hexie report.  This always sneeks up on me and often am not ready as life gets in the way, like today, ( I just added one hexie to my latest flower during the entire week) I should be getting ready for a big party here on Sunday - we're going to celebrate Three Kings Day and give out  presents to Family.  Hence the new title thanks to Turid at Den syende himmelHexie Weekend.  It will be open from Friday through Monday so that we can see your wonderful Hexie Projects - ongoing, done or just begun. For this post I'm giving a shout out for a wonderful quilt along that starts today by Karen at Faeries and Fibres:

Click on the button on the right sidebar to go to her Part 1 post.  
So far I've printed the paper pieces (although I may try her paperless technique - she has a link to that in her post), and found one possible fabric to make my first block.  Go on over see what she has in store for us.  But don't forget to leave us some eye candy, please - linky below.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to my dear readers and fellow bloggers. I've so enjoyed reading your year in review post.  For me, I've decided to just revisit the first quilt I was doing a year ago.  At the start of the year I was working on 

a UFO from 1997.  I did get it done. I FMQued my first feather border.  And here it is with just the binding to finish.  You can see the quilting from the back.  This hangs in my computer room.   For my self I made two flimsies I have yet to finish, one prayer flag, 1 bag, 7 applique blocks, one place mat, one Christmas tree quilt with lights, and a pair of pajamas.  For charity I made 24 quilts (mostly tops), a quiltlet to exchange, 4 happy bags, and 1 Neonatal quilt. I gave away a mourning quilt and a pair of quilts for twins.  Lastly I made some Block Lotto blocks.  And that's it - my report for the year. I hope to have a lot more finishes for me in 2014.

In December I was thrilled to win two giveaways!  During Michelle's Giving Thanks Blog Hop I won a wonderful pattern from Benita at Victoriana Quilt Designs.  While the blog hop was at the end of November, I didn't know I won til December.

Then in the middle of the month, I won at Barbara's Cat Patches a gorgeous set of 10 fat quarters for her NewFO Challenge for 2014.

These came Monday - so it's a great start of 2014!
Wishing you God's blessing throughout the New Year!

PS:  It's also the Eighth Day of Christmas!