Last Applique Tuesday of 2013

The last day of the year, wow can't believe it's here.  Happily, I'm going to get to spend it doing applique.  And I am pleased to report I did finish Part 4 of my LE. With all those who have already finished theirs long ago, I had a lot of resources for how to do mine.

Also the quilt itself kept telling me what to colors to use where. I think the next part will go a little faster as I've chosen the vase fabric and gotten in quite a bit of practice doing those little stems.  The embroidery without a hoop was a lot easier than I expected.  Are you doing applique? Would love to visit your blog and see.  Leave me a link in your comment.

I'm linking up with Connie for her Linky Tuesday party and Esther's WOW.  Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve.  I'll be celebrating the 7th day of Christmas making cookies, plus my applique.

New blocks/FMQ on my Design Wall today

Up on my design wall are a very old UFO - from the 90s I believe and a new set of blocks for a rag quilt. The UFO is a 34" carpenter star with shoofly blocks in the corners.  I'm quilting it right now as it's been done for 20 years  or so. This will be my first charity quilt of 2014.  Beside it, are twelve 16" flannel blocks that will be my first St. Anne's quit* of the year, also.  I must work on one of my "quilts for me" for the rest of the week to start my 2014 challenge.

I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday and Lyn's BOMs Away. See you there!

*Some have asked:  I started a quilting group at our church.  It’s called St. Anne’s Sewdality.  We meet once a month to make/pray over quilts for low income, first time mothers.  There’s a Mommy & Me clinic in our parish boundaries and once a month we take them a stack of 7 – 12 quilts to distribute to their clients when they come for their first postpartum visit.  We are a group of 10 women – some don’t have a machine, so we keep our quilts on the simple side so they can design, sandwich and tie and be part of our production line.  You can visit here to see some of the quilts we've donated.  http://stannessewdality.blogspot.com    I make quilt tops so that the ladies will have something to sandwich and tie. We've decide to make them generally about 36” square so they can be used for newborns, then for stroller or car seat blankets.   I try to make at least 2 a month for them.   The one I will make with those 16” blocks is going for a special person.  So that's what a St. Anne's quilt is.


Last Stash Report for 2013

Made blocks to test an idea and for block lotto using about a 1/2 yard total.  I didn't even use scraps for the LE as I only had embroidery to do on it.  I'll show that later  So my numbers haven't changed much, but I'm happy I had any time to play in the sewing room with all the Christmas happenings.

My final numbers for 2013:   103.57 yds. out; 9 yds in ; 51.26 yds donated.  I'm happy I met my goal of 100 yards and less of it was donated than last year. What will next year bring?

I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times Stash Report.  Go see how she and others did.


Hexie Friday may be Hexie Days in 2014

Life got in the way and so I am posting my hexie progress on Saturday.  I'm thinking I may name Hexie Friday Hexie Days in 2014 since it's open to linking for more than one day, and life keeps getting in the way.
Here's the little progress I made:
For some reason I had a hard time picking the outer rim fabric for this hexie.  I was aiming for a type of daisy or cone flower coloring, especially with the bright red one I finished last week as part of this trio I'm working on.  I came across a lovely piece of Liberty of London fabric in my stash a dear friend gave me when she returned from a trip to England and Ireland.  I can see and feel why people collect this fabric - the feel is so soft and smooth and the little print of it is darling and so detailed. Thank you, Bette!

What are you doing on this 4th day of Christmas? I know Billie has colorful hexies and another cute bear to show us. Use the linky below to let us see your eye candy.   Doesn't have to be hexie - we like all kinds.  Closed Monday, midnight.


Applique Christmas Eve

Like Kerry at Simple Bird Applique - I've been squeezing in a minute here and there between Christmas get-togethers (one this afternoon) to do some applique or quilting.  It hasn't been as frenetic as past years because all that shopping and baking is waiting for me after Christmas Day.  So here's where I'm at with part 4 of LE:
Now I have to add the embroidery. I may actually finish this section this month!  Only 3 parts behind - LOL - but I"m not worried about it.

Another glorious post on applique you might want to visit at Michelle's .  She's famous for her fabulous quilts depicting the genius of William Morris in applique.

Take a moment wherever you are, get a cup of tea or Christmas nog, and relax as you browse the two blogs above.  I'd love to see yours also, so do leave a comment, and I'll come by your blog, or go to one you recommend.  Hugs and good thoughts from SoCal.


NewFOs - as if I didn't have enough UFOs

2014 NewFO ChallengeAs if I didn't have enough UFOs, I know I'm going to be starting some new things in 2014, so why not join in on Barbara's NewFO challenge for the New Year.
I joined last year and felt so happy to have a good reason not to feel guilty about starting something new - quilting wise that is. 
In the coming year I hope to start either of these in the first few months:

I'm only listing two right now - but have tons more I could add. 

December 22nd is the last day to sign up for the kick-off party.  Go on over now.

FMQ on Saturday

Didn't get to post this yesterday, but I've been doing my FMQ on a UFO panel coverlet.
This is new to me - making circles.  If only my darning foot had a hole to take the bar that would let me echo quilt around the first circles I marked with china from the kitchen.  What foot do you use for circles?  Until I learn another way, I marked the circles with a Frixon pen an inch away from the inner circle dot by dot.  I'll keep making circles until they all touch.  Realized I should have used an elliptical shape to have gotten the effected I wanted.  Will have to look into that, too.

I'm linking over the Leah's Free Motion Friday.  Go admire all that gorgeous quilting over there.


Merry Hexie Friday

With all the Christmas get-togethers, I haven't had much time for hexie's, just added three more.
Sharing the photo are two presents I received in the past days.  The ornament on the left can be used as a pincushion. The little penguin pincushion on the right is so cute.  I'm off to lunch with a special group of ladies I've met with monthly for the last 36 years.  We started as a baby sitting co-op and have morphed into a women's support circle.

What are you up to?  Would love to see what you are doing: applique, hexie or otherwise. Linky below.  Merry Christmas!


Applique Tuesday

I've made a little more progress on my LE, but want to share what I got for my birthday. My Mom gave me a lap quilt!

She's a whiz at sewing, embroidery and crochet.  And she knows I'm cold all the time. This has purple flannel on the back.  I'll be putting it to good use this winter.

I'll be back next Tuesday with more applique.  You can see my progress on the LE in yesterday's Design Wall Monday post.


Design Wall Monday 12/16/13

Haven't had a minute to work on these scrappy trips so they are still on the design wall waiting for me to get to them.  Hopefully after Tuesday, I'll be able to at least look through some St. Anne's bags of fabric and find some strips I can use for them. 

I've been busy with DGKs so I've only had time to use about a fat eighth (or .13 yds) of scraps for my LE.  But I didn't buy anything so that's good.  YTD out: 102.57 yds.   Here's where I'm at with the LE:

Nothing is fused down (yes, I'm doing mine by raw edge applique or I'll never get done), so everything can change once I have all the flowers in place. 

Another busy week ahead. This may be my only post until Hexie Friday. Hence, I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday, Lyn's BOMs Away, Connie's Linky Tuesday, and Esther's Wow.  Do stop by.

One last thing:  Happy Beethoven's Birthday!
Listen to some of his passionate music today.


Hexie Friday Finish with FMQ

I went to a Christmas banquet with DH.  It was very nice, however, they have a long plant auction as part of it.  The plants are great and I'm happy for them to be getting some new plants, but I have no interest other than admiring the plants. This year I came prepared and brought along my hexie flowers kit.  I completely finished the one I was working on in the two hours it took for that part of the program.
 The one on the left is the new one and you can see I started the third of this trio, too.

My other finish is this baby quilt I'm giving to the foster child whose name was on the tag I picked up at church.  Pedro is 2 years old.  I hope he'll like it.  Has cute animal flannel on back. It started out as a Pat Sloan pattern of which I only did the center.

I used freezer paper copies of the white star in the middle for the blue blocks, fmqued squiggly diagonal lines through the small squares and did loops and stars in the border. Learned I like warm and natural batting best - especially over this medium loft I've had in the quilt room for a long time.  Now I know why.  Wish I could count batting as part of de-stashing.

Show us your hexies.  Linky below.  I'm also linking to Amanda's Finish it Up Friday and Leah's Free Motion Quilting Project.


Applique Tuesday on Wednesday

After the past two days of baby sitting, prepping for medical tests, Christmas shopping (not - didn't find much!) and getting ready for St. Anne's - I barely had squeezed much applique fun into my time.  I did add a teeny bit to my poor neglected LE:
The background is a lot lighter cream.
Finally decided on a vase fabric.  Thanks to all who helped my out with this.  Were you more successful?  Sure would like to see some eye candy of any kind to soothe the harried soul.  Linky below.  I'm linking to Esther's WOW and Connie's Linky Tuesday.  See you there.


Coming off Design Wall

The rag quilt top is done. 

Here is the back.  I took all the pieces of flannel I had left of these brown fabrics and put them into blocks to make the 49 squares for the back. Yes, I had to use a small blue piece - but that's the luck of the draw from the bag.  Now a member of St. Anne's gets to clip it.

I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday and Lyn's BOMs Away.  How about you?  What's on your design wall?  I still have the scrappy trip blocks to work on.


Stash Report

Can't believe this!  I've actually got a UFO out of a stash box and soon to be out of the sewing room, even.  Since I've never counted that fabric - that's a yard there and another for the back.  Also pulled some tiny scraps for hexies - but too small to count.  The rest of the sewing from last week was from a kit and the St. Anne's stash so I can't count that.  Here are my numbers:
in 0.0 yds.; out 2.0 yds.
Stash in YTD: in 9.0 yds., out YTD 111.44yds.
Donated YTD: 51.26 yds
Net for 2013: out 102.44 yds

That UFO is now sandwiched (I've decided that's my least favorite part of making a quilt), and I'm quilting it.  Nothing fancy - stars in the middle of the plain blocks, diagonal lines on the four patches, and loops and stars in the border done as FMQ.
I'm linking over to Judy's Patchwork Times.  How did you do on your de-stashing?


A Finish it Up Friday Finish with hexies and FMQ

Went Christmas shopping today.  Sigh - didn't find any of the advertised items I went to get.  Should have gone at 7 AM this morning, but it was too cold!  So back now, rested and here's my finish for this week that I showed you the beginnings of earlier:

It's a starry night panel from Northcott. I bought a kit from 1000 Bolts. It came with everything.  This photo is the truest one to the color of the fabric.
It's hanging over our fireplace.  This will be our tree this year.
I FMQued around the tree part and then meandered on the rest of the panel.  You can see the puffy parts in this view created by those meanders.  And the lights are on.  I like how the crystals sparkle.

Actually when the lights are on, the above is what it really looks like.  The lights are too bright! Actually you see even less of the fabric than you see here.  I'm thinking of looking for a more dim set of lights or adding crystals or rhinestones where the lights are.
Another finish (though small) is the next Hexie flower.  Got the first row done.
It's sitting on the rag rug I showed you on Monday.  Have three rows done!
How are you doing on your hexie project.  Would sure like to see it or any other eye candy.  Linky below.

I'm linking to Crazy Mom's Finish it Up Friday, Leah's FMQ project. Do visit!


Fast, Healthy and Budget Friendly

Now this is not quilty, but had to share this website for good fast food.  Marjorie is a nutritionist and has a lot of good recipes to share.  This breakfast idea is great - going to teach my 11 year-old DGS how to make it.
Check it out here .  Leave her a comment if you think so, too.


Applique Tuesday

For each three flowers I make for Hexie Friday, I need a basket and leaves on the background.  These I applique. Here's one in progress.  I make the templates from freezer paper.  Iron the seam allowance to the shiny side of the template and iron in place.  Fast way to be about appliqueing the parts.
Would love to see your applique or whatever you're working on.  It's so inspiring to see other's work. Linky below.


Design Wall Monday

On my design wall are two charity quilts I'm working on.  This first one is a flannel rag quilt.  I need 98 squares and all I have are 58 - so am making 40 more from all the scraps I have left.  These are the
scrappy ones.  I'll assemble and then pass on to another member to clip the 1/2" seams and wash. Our recipients love these.  We don't add a third layer because they're warm enough with two sides of flannel.  This will be our last one from this fabric - we must have made 10!

The second one is also for St. Anne's. I'm trying to use all of the scraps we have left over from other baby quilts.  Here I'm making scrappy trips blocks ala Bonnie Hunter.  They look a little bright, but I don't think the babies will mind.

I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday and Lyn's BOMs Away.  Is something up on your wall?  Sure would like to see it.

Ta DA...............!

Used a half yard to make test blocks for the next Guild Challenge.  Put a border on a charity quilt for another .29 yards.  And used a 2 1/2" strip for some a scrappy trip blocks to use another .07 yards.  Here are my numbers:
in 0.0 yds.; out .86 yds.
Stash in YTD: in 9.0 yds., out YTD 109.44yds.
Donated YTD: 51.26 yds
Net for 2013: out 100.44 yds
TA DA...!  I reached and passed my 100 yards goal for the year! Granted I donated over 51 yards (I'm pretty sure that's less than last year - I'll have to go back into my archive), so that's good too.
But my real TA DA moment is
Yes, after 20 years I'm able to wear my wedding bands again (ignore the gnarly hand, please)!  That was another goal I set for myself for this year - to be able to wear it for our 45th anniversary. That was yesterday, the 30th.  And no, I didn't have it resized, :)   .

I'm linking to Judy's Stash Report at Patchwork Times.  Let's go see how others are doing.