UFO progress??

Well, it's the last day of March and I only got 11 of the 80 blocks done of my ufo.  So must think positive and I'm 14% done with the top instead of 0%.  Just a bit better than February's UFO where I only appliqued down a flower and 2 leaves.  Wonder what Vince is going to pull from the hat for April?


Borders are being added on Fabric Tuesday

My quilt-along quilt is growing.  Three sides of border nearly done.  Measure in center of quilt to cut the borders.  This is the first time I used this low loft Fairfield batting and it has scrunched up the quilt more than with warm and natural upon quilting, so I have to ease in a bit on this third border.  I'll just stretch the quilt a tad to match them.  Gonna be pretty pink - love it. I use to say I didn't like pink, but since it's a different shade of red (at least to me it is) that what's not to like!

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Design Wall Monday 3/28/11

Here's what's on my wall:
One lone scrappy block for our guild's April BOM. A member signs up to be the BOM Queen and picks a pattern for us to make and bring to the meeting.  They are counted and divided into stacks - ie 9 per stack, 12, etc - depends how many are turned in.  Each person who brings one has a chance to win a stack.  A great way to have a quilt to make in a hurry - or have orphan blocks - depends on how you look at it -LOL.  This year we're doing scrappy ones - I like that.  You can see the directions by Janet Wickell here.


Stash Report 3/27/11

Cut up fabric for sewdality quilts - 1 1/2 yards, made a scrap block for our guild's bom with about another 1/8th, and that's about it this week.  So much going on and having to deal with kidney stones, too - ay-ya-yi! Used/Donated this week: 1.63 yards

Used/Donated Yr to date: 23.87yards
Added this wk: 0.0 yards
Total Yr to date Added: -3.5 yards
Total Yr to date Used 20.37 yards.

So I'm over the 20 yards point.  I can't believe it!

I don't know how much quilting I'll get in in the coming weeks as Monday I start babysitting Alan full time when Mom goes back to work.  And it's William's spring break - he gets 2 weeks off - too.  So they will be here from 7:30 am to 6pm.  Plus I'll have to take Alan to his physical therapy appointments.  It will be different.  I will try to get my 15 minutes of quilting in somehow.

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Jean Fix

Not quilting, but sewing and needed.  My eight year old grandson does a number to the knees of his jeans and as Mom is very busy with baby Alan, I'm delegated to the repair sewing patrol (although she is the better seamstress).
I viewed quite a few tutorials online at Sew What's New and Sew-Much-Ado and got the courage to proceed.

I cut the legs off the worst for wear jean, used the sort-of overlock stitch on my Bernina 130 and finished the edge, then just turned them up a half inch and hemmed them.  Used my free arm for a change on these.

Then I used the legs I cut off to cut patches for the other pair, applied Heat n Bond to them and then ironed them onto the legs with the holes.  I was going to use the free arm again and realized I wouldn't be able to do the vertical part of the patch.  So turned them inside out and opened the seam that looks more like a normal seam - the one without the top stitching - 3 inches above and below where the patch ends.  Then I could zig-zag around the patch with no trouble.  I redid the seam with first a straight stitch where it was before and then overlocked the edges.  They look pretty good, if I do say so myself. Now how long they last is another story.


Fabric Tuesday 3/22

I read my blogs as time permits and found this great post at Stash Manicure.  This is a great way to make a string quilt variation.  So I thought what would happen if I used a couple of orphan blocks?  Here's what I got. Not bad, but I don't like all the seams that have to be matched.  Wonder what it would be like to use a solid square as the second block.  Hmmm, maybe I'll try it on my next experiment.

Bet you can guess what one of the orphan blocks was.  See if you can guess.

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Design Wall Monday 3/21/11

Making progress on the siggie quilt. Here have the final layout after placing the units to distribute the colors and siggies as much right side up as can.  This will measure about 52 inches once the border is added. Designed on EQ4 as to placement.  The center will be an applique block.  I have to blow up the pattern before I can start on it.
Yep, I'll have to come up with a setting triangle.  I've decided to use Jacob's Ladder block elements to set them.
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Stash Report 3/20/11

Finished 2 more secret blocks, so there is a fat quarter.  Finished the siggie blocks and cut the border so there is 1 yard.  Played with some scraps so there is another 1/8th yard.  And cut some squares for the charity quilt for another .5 yards for a total of  1.88 for this week.
Used/Donated this week: 1.88 yards

Used/Donated Yr to date: 22.24yards

Added this wk: 0.0 yards

Total Yr to date Added: -3.5 yards


Total Yr to date Used 19.74 yards.

Woohoo!  Almost to 20!!  Who'd have thunk it?  Not me - LOL.

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Design Wall Monday 3/14/11

Nothing on my design wall today.  I did get the siggie blocks made and some how one did not come back to me, so I'll have to scrounge around and find fabric to make one more unit and then I'll start putting them together.  Right now I'm working on the another secret block, but then I can't show it to you, so can't go on my design wall.  I hope, hope, hope I can get to my quilt along this week.

Tomorrow, my mom is coming over, so no quilting then and in the evening we're going to the LQGM.

What's on your wall.  I'd sure like to see your eye candy.  Go on over to Judy's and post your link so I can come and drool.  You will find her at The Patchwork Times


Stash Report 3/13/11

Made all the siggie blocks, so that used up a yard.  Cut some of stash for the St. Ann's Sewdality quilts  - that used 4 1/2 yards - woohoo!  Made two flimsies for them, so that used up 2 more yards!  Oh, and made another secret block - another .13 yds.

Used/Donated this week: 6.63 yards

Used/Donated Yr to date: 20.36 yards
Added this wk: 0.0 yards
Total Yr to date Added: -3.5 yards
Total Yr to date Used 16.86 yards.

I'm liking those numbers!

How are yours?  Be sure to check out how others are doing at Judy's Stash report.  Click on her button on the left sidebar:  Patchwork Times.


Spring Has Sprung

They are predicting rain possibly next thursday - I wish! However, spring has sprung here. I have spyria, geraniums, Lady Banks roses, Cecil Brunner roses, bouganvilla, irises, and cosmos blooming along with my peach tree and orange trees. In fact the annual garden show which is in 3 weeks is worrying about there being enough in bloom for entries in the show. But for now I am enjoying the sight.


Flimsie Done

I got up this morning and instead of computer time right away, I went into my sewing room after breakfast and completed this:
I went through a box my friend, Torre, gave to the Sewdality, and I found that panel.  Further searching in the box resulted in the two border fabrics.  That light area on top left of the inner border is not fading but the skylight showing through.  The outermost border is from my stash so half yard used - woohoo!  I need to take a photography class.  This is done outside, but the colors aren't very true.  The blue border has a little yellow and pink flower in it.  Ah, well.  The manual is online and I have trouble reading it online. No Kindle for me.   This was going to be finished as a lap quilt for a surgery rehap patient St. Ann's is going to gift, however after hearing the news of the earthquake in Japan, we most likely will send to Sendai (our sister city) in Japan that was close to epicenter of that 8.9 disaster.  Prayers for all.


Design Wall Monday 3/7/11

Yes!  Have all 48 siggie blocks done and ready to be signed by my fellow students on the 12th when our class meets again.  Here are samples of the 8 sets laid out in a design - they probably won't stay this way, I'll see.  They are going to sign on the white part.

What's on your design wall?  I'd love to see it.  You can check out Judy's list at her blog.  Just go over to my left sidebar and click on the Patchwork Times button.  Have fun!


Here's our cherub at 3 1/2 months

Isn't he a sweetie?!  Yes, when Alan's around I can't even think of quilting.  I get all mushy inside.

Stash Report 3/6/11

Finished 2 secret blocks so there's 1/8th yard used.  Finished the flimsey of a charity quilt, so that will use up 1/2 yard, and made a piecing sewing kit so that used up another 1/2 yd. Hope next Sunday I'll have bigger amounts to report as I hope to do a lot of cutting for charity and create a back for another quilt.
Used/Donated this week: 1.13yards

Used/Donated Yr to date: 13.73 yards

Added this wk: 0.0 yards

Total Yr to date Added: -3.5 yards


Total Yr to date Used 13.23 yards.

Hey I'm over the 10 yard hump!!  Now on to 20 yards.  I'd set a distant ,goal but this way I won't be disappointed or stressed out that I didn't reach it in December.

How are you doing?  You can see how others are doing at Judy's blog The Patchwork Times.  Hope to hear from y'all.


What I Did Wednesday

Wednesdays are my busy days.  Up at 5:30am and out the door by 6:15am to Mass.  Then on to my daughter's house 12 miles away to take DGS William to school by 7:35.  Then back to Ems to spend the day with her helping with the baby and such.  In between caring for Alan, washing dishes, doing laundry, sorting clothes, etc, Em wanted to make a Hand Piecing Sewing Kit to take with her back to work at the end of the month.  As a Dear Janiac, she found one at Jeanna Kimball's site.  You can see it here , a great post and tutorial.   Well, here is mine: 
I decided to make it simpler. My pocket doesn't have a zipper.  I made it using a 1/2 yd of material made into a place mat as base to get larger blocks in .  And instead of sewing ribbon onto it, I decided to use a wide piece of selvage.  Here is the inside:
there are three layers of batting and 3 layers of polyester that the cotton pieces won't stick to.

The blocks are laid out on the batting.

Then the batiste, polyester, nylon sheet goes over that to keep the pices from sticking to opposite batting.

Then just add supplies to the pocket (small scissors, needles, thread, pins), fold and roll and tie and I'm ready to take this with me whereever I have to wait or have time to kill.  I'm going to use it for applique blocks.
How about that!  Of course my daughter's is way nicer - she used the zipper.  Hers will be for hand pieces - did I say she love Deaer Jane?  Now go check out Jeanna's tut.


My Fabric Tuesday Quilt Story

A friend of mine gave me a bag stuffed with strips of Robert Kaufmann fabric.  It is gorgeous fabric, but what can I do with it because there is a lot.  The first thing I did was make a Project Linus sail boat square with some of the strips to make a bright sail.  This year's it's a paper piecing block.  It was easy to make, but I sure didn't want to make enough to make a whole quilt - it wasn't THAT easy - LOL.
I bordered it with a beige print and set it on my design wall to get inspired.  In the mean time, I would pull out some strips ever so often and iron them.  When I saw several lined up together I decided that as a strip block they would remind me of all the mosaics I'd seen in Greece and are probably found in many mediteranean country.  I made the blocks 6 1/2" unfinished and here is the quilt so far with the blocks around it medallion block.  I've added another beige border around the strip blocks and will add some piano key border last.  With the price of fabric going up these days, I was happy to find a use for these beautiful strips.

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